Breakthrough in Facial Hair Redesigning and Reshaping - Dr. A's Clinic

Breakthrough in Facial Hair Redesigning and Reshaping - Dr. A's Clinic
  • September 28, 2018

Hair Transplant is an art mastered by very few around the world. Facial hair reconstruction makes work even more daunting because the body donor hair has different characteristics (hair colour, curl, diameter etc.).

Hair is desired by both men and women but only if they are at right places. Females used to be more concerned about unwanted hair on their face or body but nowadays even males want to have a perfect beard design and reshape their beard by removing unwanted hair high up on cheeks or low down on the neck and are opting for hair removal sessions.

The removal of unwanted hair from the facial or various other parts of the body permanently and without visible scarring is a challenge for any doctor. With the use of modern, ultra-refined FUSE/fue technology, it has been made possible to give patients desirous results by reshaping their beard, eyebrows, removing unwanted chest and armpit hair, hair from the upper lip, nape hair, etc.

A comprehensive list of patient benefitted includes those: 

  • Who have undergone unaesthetic hair transplant leaving behind unwanted hair in recipient area
  • Men desiring to reshape their beard especially wanting to remove unwanted hair high up on cheeks or low down on the neck
  • Men desiring to remove their nape and chest hair
  • Reshaping of eyebrow, males and females
  • Females desiring to get rid of unwanted hair permanently on their upper lip and chin
  • Permanent removal of armpit hair, males and females. Unwanted hair is more annoying as it can bring down the confidence of a person and can make him look unpresentable

Dr. A's Clinic introduced a new method of extraction which involves separation of the hair graft bearing skin till the level of mid dermis with tiny (0.8mm to 0.85mm diameter) and sharp micro punches, followed by the separation of the follicular unit by careful microscope/magnifier aided dissection (under direct vision) from its remaining dermal attachments (by expanding needle concept). There was no requirement of any bandage or daily antiseptic application. The patient was placed under antibiotic cover for 5 days post extraction (Tab Cefadroxil 500mg 1 tab twice a day).

The post extraction scabs were removed using regular soap solution seven days after the extraction. Follow-up was carried out at various intervals (six months to two years). The extraction site was observed for any regrowth and scarring. In all the patients, it was observed that the extracted site had healed completely without any scarring and regrowth of the hair extracted from the original location. Below are some pictures that illustrate the same. For most people, eyebrow hairs are very fine and straight whereas chest hairs are thick and curly. For these reasons, chest hairs do not qualify for transplantation into the eyebrow region. However, this patient had eyebrow hair that resembled the chest hair more closely than any other.

Its a matter of pride that world's first documented published study of Beard Hair to Scalp Hair Transplant was documented and published in peer reviewed, indexed medical journal Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery (Volume 46, Issue 1, Jan - April 2013) by an Indian doctor - Dr. Arvind Poswal.

The world's first documented Body Hair to Scalp Transplant study was carried out by an Indian doctor (view article at and was published in peer reviewed, indexed medical journal - Indian Journal of Dermatology (Volume 52, Issue 2, Year 2007)

A pioneer in various aspects of hair restoration, Dr. Arvind Poswal is the first hair transplant doctor from India to be granted membership of the prestigious American Hairloss Association and to be featured on USA-based the Bald Truth radio, Fox News etc. He has also trained numerous doctors in the field of hair transplant, some of whom now work in the USA while others work alongside him at his centre.

Clinician, Dr. Arvind Poswal has observed and proposed the below guidelines for body hair transplants -

  • Preshave the body donor areas three to five days before the extraction. It is a simple step and very helpful to pinpoint the actively growing hair that need to be used
  • Use only the body donor hair in active growing phase for purpose of transplant. Do not use telogen hair
  • Assume the transplanted body hair will retain their original characteristics (length, calibre, color, predisposition to greying, curl, anagen/telogen percentages and hair growth cycles)
  • Factor in the impact of growth cycles and characteristics of the body donor hair proposed to be transplanted
  • Mix the various body as well as scalp donor hair in any particular area of scalp. Few of his articles have been published in peer reviewed, indexed medical journals over the years

Some of the path-breaking articles are: 

  • Body hair transplant: An additional source of donor hair in hair restoration surgery- Indian Journal of Dermatology (Volume 52, Issue 2, Year 2007)
  • The preshaving protocol in body hair-to-scalp transplant to identify hair in anagen phase - Indian Journal of Dermatology issued (Volume 55, Issue 1, Year 2010)
  • When fue goes wrong- Indian Journal of Dermatology issued (Volume 56, Issue 5, September - October 2011)
  • Use of body and beard donor hair in surgical treatment of androgenic alopecia - Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery issued (Volume 46, Issue 1, Jan - April 2013)
  • Expanding needle concept for better extraction of body hair grafts - Indian Journal of Dermatology (Volume 58, Issue 3, May - June 2013)
  • A comment on study of Donor Area in Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation - Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery (Jan - Mar 2014, Volume 7, Issue 1)

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