Benefits Of Temporary Over Permanent

Advantages of Ultra refined beauty medical (Italy) method over others/ Benefits of temporary over permanent

Important factors to be considered in Tricopigmentation:-

1. SIZE- of the micro dots using Beauty Medical’s technique is much tinier (equal to the size of the hair follicle) as compared to the dots in the other picture 1. In this case some practitioner had used permanent ink with commonly used tattooing machine and needle. As you can see the size of the dots created are almost 4-5 times the size of the human hair bulb. The diagram on the picture compares the sizes visually.

2. COLOR- the color difference in the picture 1 is clearly visible. The dots have over time turned bluish.

3. PIGMENT DIFFUSION- there is a diffusion or leaching out of the color/pigment so it gradually giving the scalp a bluish tinge. Repeating the same process will eventually leave the person with a uniformly blue scalp instead of the illusion of hair bulbs.


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