How to Prepare for a Hair Transplantation Surgery

How to Prepare for a Hair Transplantation Surgery
  • Dec 16, 2019

The process of preparation for hair transplant surgeries is the same for all patients, but the method or steps differ from one clinic to another. Clinics that offer the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai  take a lot of care and caution preparing a patient for such a procedure. To make the preparation comprehensive, they cover all concerned areas and some more so that nothing is left out. If you are going for a hair transplant surgery, here is what to expect at the preparation stage.

  • The best hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai begin the preparation by discussing a number of concerns related to the patient’s health, lifestyle, and expectations. This is an important step as it sets the facts right from the beginning. During this interview, a surgeon attempts to answer all the questions a patient might have while passing out details that are crucial to the procedure.
  • Among the questions that are commonly discussed in the doctor-patient interview is the reason behind wanting the procedure. Your doctor will ask you why you want this particular procedure and what your expectations are from it. This will help both the parties understand what is expected and what is deliverable.
  • Doctors also talk about the current medical conditions of the patients. Treatments they are on, drug allergies if any are also discussed during the interview.
  • Before the operation, the doctor asks about current medications in detail. If you are on some kind of vitamins or herbal supplements, now is a good time to let them know. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol intake and dependencies are also discussed at this stage.
  • Before taking you in for a hair transplant surgery, doctors will evaluate your general health. During the examination, they will also look into any pre-existing conditions that could pose a risk for the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai.
  • Part of the preparation is taking photos. So that you have the before-after snaps to make comparisons, photos of hair loss are taken before the operation. These photos are archived in the medical records of the concerned patient. 
  • Before the surgery, surgeons discuss the procedure in short during which the relevant hair transplantation options for a patient are laid out. This where the patient has to pick a procedure or come to a final decision about what he or she wants.
  • At the final stage of the preparation, patients are briefed on the outcomes of the surgery. The risks and potential complications that may arise in the aftermath are also discussed in detail. The likely outcome of the surgery in your particular case is specified here. 

If you are going for a hair transplant anytime soon, be sure to do your research well so that you end up doing it at a clinic you trust. The results of a procedure can be hugely different at different clinics. So, make sure that you pick the best clinic you can afford to get the procedure done by the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Mumbai.

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