Are You the Right Candidate for Hair Transplant

Are You the Right Candidate for Hair Transplant
  • Dec 13, 2019

When considering hair transplants, patients are often known to debate on the suitability of the procedure in their cases. Hair transplant being the last resort for severe hair loss, people are quick to question the necessity of it in a particular case. If you are wondering whether you are the right candidate for a hair transplant in Delhi, then there is a way to arrive at the right answer without involving a professional. Read on to find the answer to your case. 

Quality of Donor Sites

All hair replacement procedures rely on the patients’ existing hair stock which they refer to as donor sites. So, the first thing a patient needs to qualify for a procedure of hair transplant is to have good quality donor sites. The back of the head is where the hair growth is the thickest and is seldom known to be affected by baldness. So, the surgeons go for that part to extract samples for transplantation. 

For Men

Transplantation in men suffering from pattern baldness relies on what is called donor dominance of follicles. Doctors use hair follicles that occur below the upper part of the ears as those hairs are genetically programmed to remain lifelong. Since they do not fall out, those are the safest to use for replacement. For male pattern baldness, those follicles are extracted and transplanted at the frontal hairline. That ensures that these hairs, like the ones below the ears, do not disappear with time.

For Women 

With women, however, the technique is quite different. For female pattern baldness, there is no donor site to make extractions from. Follicles extracted from thinned parts of the scalp would not result in desired hair growth in balding sites. It is owing to this that very few women make good candidates for this procedure. 

The very small group that does are those who are suffering from mechanical alopecia which is non-hormonal or have hair loss around surgical incision sites. Also, women who exhibit a distinct pattern of hair loss and baldness qualify for this treatment. That includes those with receding hairlines, thinning at the crown, etc. If a patient has suffered hair loss on account of trauma like scars, burns, etc., she can go for the procedure. Hair transplantation is the best hair loss treatment for women in Delhi for those who are suffering from alopecia marginalis. 

The Opinion of an Expert

While the information published above is good to figure out if a hair transplant is a procedure fit for you, it cannot match the certainty of an expert’s opinion. So, the best thing to do when deciding to get this procedure is to consult a plastic surgeon. There are tons of clinics in Delhi that offer this service through award-winning surgeons. Book an appointment at one of these clinics and get your hair loss evaluated by a professional. After examining your pattern of hair loss and your medical history, they will tell you if you need or can get a transplant. 

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