Facts To Know Before Getting Hair Transplant In Delhi

Facts To Know Before Getting A High Density Hair Transplant In Delhi
  • Jan 10, 2020

Having a hair transplant may not be enough to boost your level of self-esteem. Instead, there are many individuals who also want to have the right density so that the hair looks thick, altering the appearance considerably. However, it is customary to get 30 to 40 units of follicles per sq cm of the bald surface. However, there have been many who demand a higher density and are not satisfied with the said amount. No issues though for the best of the top 5 hair transplant clinic in Delhi grants them their wish without posing any kind of risk. 

The top surgeons specializing in hair transplants offer to add about 60 to 70 follicular units on each square cm for the best results. This is one aesthetic procedure that has been made feasible by courtesy the highly qualified medical professionals. Today, the state of Delhi has a range of hair clinics that boasts of providing successful results to its clients.

Technique Used

The FUT technique is generally considered to be the best during high-density transplantation. This is one particular method that helps the surgeon to graft more hair in one session. 

The actual medical procedure is known as harvesting where the professional incises the area linearly and closes the wounds by means of advanced sutures.

The grafts are obtained within a single strip that gets to be dissected by the experts before being placed in the required areas of the scalp.


  • The specialized hair surgeons that conduct this kind of procedure are known to be highly skilled with years of experience so that the chances of mistakes and injury to the patient are minimized greatly.
  • The is one process that is carried out in a sterile environment so that there is no infection afterward.
  • The procedure demands the same level of hygienic practices and safety measures required for major surgery as well
  • The transplantation is done under the influence of local anesthesia and under the strict supervision of highly qualified medical surgeons so that the risks get to be minimized to a great extent. 

Process of obtaining the right density

The examination of the patient is of utmost importance here. The concerned doctor makes sure to check the medical reports of the person who intends to undergo such procedures. The doctor will then examine the donor area meticulously particularly the parietal as well as the occipital areas of the scalp. It is this area that would contain the requisite hair follicles. The FUE process of hair transplantation is thought to be most apt for high-density hair transplant in Delhi

Last but not least, FUE as a hair transplant process is pretty much famous. This hair transplantation procedure is followed in the other parts of the world as well. It is also advised when the donor area does not have enough hair follicles or the nature of the existing ones are likely to end in fine and poor-quality hair. Alternatively, the BHT (body hair transplantation) may also be deemed fit by the surgeons. 

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