Facts About The Procedure Of Best Hair Transplant In India

Facts About The Procedure Of Best Hair Transplant In India
  • Jan 20, 2020

Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India. It has a huge population with more and more people choosing to live here at any point in time. Sadly, life in a metro of Mumbai’s capacity is not that easy as it might look like. There are hundreds of problems to contend with including the loss of hair in relatively young individuals. This makes it necessary for them to contact the best hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai in order to find an apt solution to their woes. The loss of hair at an alarming rate tends to prove problematic for many as it affects the appearance and reduces the confidence level of even smart young people. 

It is thus very important to learn about the following facts as you begin to experience the hair fall and a steady decline along with a receding hairline.

Causes of Hair Loss- The hair surgeons agree that most of the cases that come to them reveal the existence of Androgenetic alopecia that is found in many young males. The problem is inherited with the ancestors of the patient who has gone through the same problem as well. It manifests itself as a specific pattern of baldness often being common in males. However, the condition can also be aggravated in a busy urban set up like Mumbai where the residents have to live in the midst of pollution and follow an unhealthy diet. Changes in lifestyle, as well as smoking and drinking alcohol, regularly are also known to affect the growth of hair follicles adversely.

Treatment Options- Sure, a good number of men choose to look the other way and continue to live with their baldness increasing rapidly. However, there are others who do their best to comb the sparse hair as best as they can and manage to camouflage the bald spots. Wearing a wig is yet another way the problem can be solved. Obtaining the best hair transplant in India may actually be a cost-effective way of getting rid of the hair loss permanently. 

Techniques- The entire procedure involves extracting the hair follicles from the scalp or other parts of the body and transplanting them into the bald spots. It has to be done meticulously and precisely though. A qualified and experienced surgeon is usually at the helm of the procedure. The hairs are transplanted properly and are placed in the line of the growing follicles so that additional hair growth is facilitated at the earliest. 

Cost- Well, hair transplantation can be a costly affair for some people. However, keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of many middle-class people who are also seeking transplant, many hair clinics have come up with an installment payment mode. Nowadays, most clinics offer EMI options for their treatment thereby making it easier for many people from different backgrounds seeking hair transplantation. The expense depends on the extent of the baldness as well as the technique utilized. Thankfully, it is not going to cost you a modest amount even when you have one of the best hair transplant surgeons helping you out.

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