Use the best Hair Transplant Technology to achieve the best results

Use the best Hair Transplant Technology to achieve the best results
  • Feb 01, 2020

Hair loss is one of the most horrendous things to happen to you. It can be as minimal as losing 50 to 100 hair per day with a simultaneous growth the day, or it may be a major issue leading you to get bald. With several reasons for the same, you need to know about the best hair transplant technology.

Causes of Hair loss

 Here are a few common reasons for the thinning of the hair -

  • Hereditary- Also known as androgenetic Alopecia, it happens to be the most common cause of hair loss. 
  • Hormonal changes- In females, It can take place with them during pregnancy, postpartum, or at the onset of menopause. However, In both the sexes, Dihydrogesterone, is the hormone responsible for hair loss, which is the by-product of Testosterone.
  • Hair loss can also occur due to certain medicines taken for the treatment of depression, cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Lifestyle- Certain lifestyle habits may also trigger acute hair loss. Taking care of these habits may save you from spending on hair transplant cost in Delhi.

 A few of them are -

  • Skipping your meals
  • Hot Showers
  • Mishandling wet hair
  • Tight Hairstyle
  • Using excessive heat on the hair, etc

Techniques of Hair transplant

Well, there are several methods of treating your hair loss. You may try some home remedies to cure it. However, they are not helpful when hair-fall becomes a big issue. After rejecting temporary solutions like a wig, the best method to get away from this major issue is getting a Hair transplant done by a trusted surgeon who would offer you the best treatment in a suitable hair transplant cost in Delhi.

Diagnosis-The first stage

After a lot of research, when you finally make up your mind to see a surgeon, make sure to talk to him frankly, tell your problem in detail. He may also ask you to pass through many tests like blood tests, pull tests, light microscopy for a clear understanding of your problem.

There are three main types of hair transplant techniques used so far. Please go through them to choose the best hair transplant technology. 

1.FUT- In this, a strip is taken out from the hair-bearing area generally at the back of the head and then divided into small pieces known as grafts and punctured into the area where the patient has less hair. It allows the surgeon to treat large affected areas with constant results.

2.FUE- Thus is the most preferred technique. In this, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area to the recipient area without taking out any strip from your head.

3.DTH-It is a new technique and, in fact, an Extension of FUE. It yields excellent results as the hair follicles are implanted one by one in the right depth, direction, and angle in the recipient area.

Choose the best treatment at an affordable price.

A professional surgeon will tell you the best hair transplant technology as per your problem and will also let you know of the do’s, and dont’s for the maintenance of the healthy hair then. But choose your surgeon after research from the internet and the experienced people who have already done it.

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