Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Treatment

Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Treatment
  • Apr 04, 2020

Hair transplantation is no new process. Since its inception in 1930, it has been used by people across the globe to get their hair to grow back. With the use, the field has seen many transformations and innovations. In today’s time, you can get a safe and effective hair transplant quickly in the reputed clinics of your city. 

Though every clinic may have its measures while performing this surgical procedure, on a broad basis, it is done in two categories. They are FUT( Follicular unit transplant) and FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction). Before you go to get the treatment done, you need to know the differences between the two techniques. Below are a few of them.

The difference in the procedure

The first type of hair transplant is FUT, which is also called the ‘strip method’. As the name signifies, it includes the extraction of thin strips of skin from the region rich in hair, generally from the back of the head. These strips have hair follicles, varying in number. The area from where these strips are taken is DHT( Dihydrotestosterone) resistant, which is responsible for pattern baldness in men. After the strips are taken, they are dissected by the doctor into individual units having 1-4 hairs, and finally grafted in the recipient area.

FUE, on the other hand, includes extracting individual grafts from the donor area and implanting them in the hairless region. This is the advanced method developed to overcome the shortcomings of the FUT technique. It was used for the first time in 2002.

Which is more time taking?

Though both the type of hair transplant techniques may take equal time in the operation, FUE leaves very few or no scars at all after the surgery. Therefore, people who want no visible injuries choose the FUE technique. FUT technique leaves you with long and linear scars. Moreover, in comparison to FUT, the people having hair transplants with the FUE type also heal faster and get back to their day-to-day life quickly.

Eligible candidates

You need to understand that hair transplant is not always the right choice. Let your surgeon decide the type of treatment your hair needs. He will examine the causes and consider other essential factors like your age, medical history, the severity of hair loss, etc. FUT technique is generally opted by the people with long hair so that they can hide the scares. Otherwise, people are choosing the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi for hair restoration. Besides this, FUT is recommended for patients having loose scalp. A person having tight scalp cannot undergo FUT, whereas FUE can be done on any scalp.

Postoperative pain and discomfort

Again, as the FUE type is not as obtrusive as the FUT, it leaves the patients with fewer pain afterward. Also, the patient can resume his physical activities comparatively earlier than in the case of FUT. 

So, both techniques are in use. Though you can get the FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi, done at comparatively low cost, but safety is what you should consider being the priority. Choose the type of technique that will bring effective results and involve a secure process.

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