Hair loss treatments: Decrypting the journey

Hair loss treatments: Decrypting the journey
  • Apr 15, 2020

Once a fantasy, hair loss treatment has become a new regular now. From the era, when the greeks, Egyptians, and then the Europeans were trying almost everything from snake oil to animals fat, it has come far now and has widened the scope of the surgery. Today, not only doctors are looking for hair restoration processes but also looking for ways to make them comfortable and more productive. The hair loss treatments have also become accessible with almost every city having a set of reputed clinics providing these services. For the same reason, the minimal  Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi compels the sufferers to get the treatment and have a brighter look back.

The initial evolution in the field of hair loss treatment

Peeping into history, you will find so many bizarre methods, people tried to get rid of their hair loss. Undoubtedly, the development of hair loss methods is quite intriguing. Hence, you need to be grateful that you were not there to bear those tortures around 3500 years back. Though the problem existed with a similar severity in those times, the accessible solutions included some surprising concoctions including some metal oxide like that of iron, honey, some animal fats, etc. Such mixtures were supposed to be swallowed after praying sun god. 

As researches continued, the mixtures had some new elements like opium, beetroot, horseradish, beer grease, etc. Nonetheless, it remained as ineffective as it was earlier. The journey didn't stop here and instead took a new turn with the unparalleled popularity of wigs first in France and then America. But, that too didn't last long and ended up in the complaints regarding wearing caps as the notable men in the countries who wore the hat for a more extended period were gatting bald. 

Present options to treat thinning and balding

All those quirky things continued until a Japanese surgeon had not performed the hair transplant for the first time in 1939. Dr Shoji in Japan became the first surgeon to transplant the hair grafts from the back of the head to the balding areas. Well, until then, many advancements have taken place; however, the base remains the same. The surgeon today implants comparatively smaller grafts that make the process more effective. The notable improvements also include the discovery of the beneficial effects of Minoxidil to prevent the thinning of hair, which was earlier only used to treat high blood pressure. Well, today, we have two essential medicines as a necessary part of Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi. They are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Future expectations 

The exploration is still under process, and you can expect a lot more in this field. Along with the reduced size of the grafts, you can look forward to the cell-based transplant that will mean injecting the hair cells into the balding area and then will be receiving the brand new follicles. Also, with cloning becoming a possibility in other areas, it is now a probability that hair cloning will be a success.

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