Basic use of hair conditioner

Basic use of hair conditioner
  • Oct 28, 2016

Dr Arvind Poswal – “Today we shall address the query about basic use of hair conditioner. Not about oils or deep conditioning spa therapies. They are different and we shall talk about them separately. Today, we focus on the common hair conditioner. Whether to use it and how to use it.
For that purpose we need to know about the structure of hair. The hair we see above the scalp is a tight conglomeration of dead keratinocytes. Cells in the outermost layer lie flat on the surface (much like the scales on a fish). When you wash/shampoo your hair, these cuticles open up/splay. That is why if you try to comb through wet hair, the hair gets tangled.
This is where conditioner come to rescue. Conditioner – in simple terms – flattens the protective cuticles back to the hair shaft where they belong. That is good.
1. It makes your hair manageable
2. It prevents split ends leading to longer hair growth
3. Reduces hairfall due to damage by tangled hair

How to use a conditioner – surprisingly most companies do not give detailed instructions on the correct way to use a hair conditioner.
If you wash/shampoo your hair, followed by a thorough rinsing before direct application of conditioner to the hair, then you are doing it the wrong way.
The correct way stepwise is –
1. Wash/shampoo your hair
2. Pat dry the hair with a towel (no rough towelling and no blow drying)
3. Apply conditioner to your now moist (not dripping wet) hair
4. If you have long hair, apply section by section from hair tip backwards (its the dead keratinocytes that need help the most). No need to waste it rubbing on the scalp.

Done this way, you will feel the difference the moment you apply the conditioner to your hair.

So, yes…hair conditioners are good for your hair. And now you know the correct way to use them and get the benefits.
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