Reliable and hygienic hair transplant services amid lockdown

Reliable and hygienic hair transplant  services amid lockdown
  • May 21, 2020

We have taken the pandemic situation very seriously and have given our contributions to the fullest. The services were also closed because of the crisis as our customer’s health and safety are our top priorities. Now, to answer the exigencies and desires of our patients, we are contemplating to resume the services, so that we can facilitate the patients suffering from acute hair loss.

Hair loss has been a severe problem for centuries, and the solution has been researched time and again. There were many weird solutions which were tried to prevent the hair fall and restore their growth; however, the sufferers received a permanent solution in the 1930s when the Japanese doctor discovered hair transplantation. Since then, the technique has been a boon to humankind. It has blessed a number of people with natural-looking hair and filled them with confidence. Amid this COVID-19 outbreak too, we want to offer Hair Transplant during COVID19 to all those people who have lost their self-esteem because of the falling hair and make some satisfaction and happiness around.

Meeting the required factors

Now, people may be doubtful about the results of hair transplant because they are not aware and know of its theory and implications, and this is the reason many people step back from having the operation. You need to know that hair transplant has the success rate of more than 95 %. This success though depends on numerous factors. One of those essential factors is the standards of the clinic. We, as the experienced services providers have been working hard to meet all the necessary criteria required for the hair transplant. Along with the essential pieces of equipment and proper setup of operation theatre, we are focussing on maintaining the hygiene of the entire clinic so that our patients are free from worries regarding any sort of infection or disease during the surgery.

There are other factors like the type of transplant, the choice of surgeon, procedure, etc. Your hair loss is deeply analyzed, the causes are studied, your medical history, age, health, all these things are taken in mind before coming to the conclusion of the type of treatment for your hair. The surgeon also guides you about the treatment you have to give yourself pre and post-treatment, so the selection of the right surgeon is of utmost importance. We have taken special consideration of this factor. From the skilled surgeon to the supportive staff, we are striving hard to ease the current stressful situation and make the operation smooth and successful.

Choose the clinic wisely

The current situation has made people aware of the hygiene and precautions one should take, as it has a profound impact on our health. Addressing the same concern, we have prepared mandatory guidelines that will be followed by everyone who visits the clinic, including the medical staff and surgeon. Also, we are having a regular sanitizing of the entire clinic area. Thus, with obligatory social distancing norms, and the guidelines, we are rescheduling our services and putting our best efforts to restore your hair growth and confidence.

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