Hair Transplantation After Lockdown at Dr. A’s Clinic

Hair Transplantation After Lockdown at Dr As Clinic
  • Jun 01, 2020

Coronavirus infection is spreading at a faster rate throughout the world. In India, the cases are increasing day by day. As a reputed clinic for hair transplantation in Delhi, Dr A’s Clinic is taking some preventive measures to ensure the safety of patients and staff members. Patients can visit our clinic for hair transplantation surgeries, but they have to follow all the guidelines at the clinic to avoid the transmission of disease. In this blog, we will discuss some important points related to hair transplantation after lockdown.

What is Coronavirus Infection?

Coronavirus is a fatal infection caused by a family of viruses. These viruses attack the respiratory system of mammals and birds by causing severe infection in it which leads to the death of the organism. It has been declared an epidemic. Also, for now, there is no cure of it.

Steps that an Individual Should Take to Stop the Spread of Infection

As an individual, you should take the following steps to protect yourself from getting an infection.

  • Maintain social distance from others. Since there is no cure of the disease, social distancing may protect you from catching the infection.
  • Use PPEs. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. These equipment provide protection from coronavirus infection. Examples of PPE include hand gloves, face shields, face masks, despicable coveralls, etc.
  • Use hand sanitizers to wash your hands after touching anything in the clinic. Do not rely on the fact that hand sanitizers are made available for patients at the clinics. Always keep a separate hand sanitizer with yourself.

Steps that We are Taking to Stop the Spread of Infection

As one of the most trusted clinics for hair loss treatment in Delhi, we are taking the following measures at our clinic to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection.

  1. Sanitization Facilities: We have made sanitization facilities available at our clinic. All the patients have to wash their hands with sanitizers after entering the clinic.
  2. All the pieces of furniture, door handles, medical equipment, etc, are sanitized several times a day to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection.
  3. Patients are allowed only to enter the clinic after going through the thermal scanning temperature check.
  4. All the doctors at our clinic will perform surgeries by wearing PPEs.

Is It Safe to Visit Clinics For Hair Transplant During COVID 19?

Well, this question sounds tricky to answer. Though all the clinics are taking preventive measures to minimize the spread of coronavirus infection, yet the risk is always with you. You can catch infection anywhere after leaving home. Therefore, you should take preventive measures by yourself as discussed here previously if you want to reduce the risk of infection. Moreover, if you are at the initial stage of hair fall, you can take the doctor’s consultation online instead of visiting the clinic. In online consultation, he will recommend you some medications, medical shampoos, hair il, etc. by which you can regain your hair growth. If your hair fall problem cannot be solved online, only then the doctor will advise you to visit the clinic.

Should I Take an Appointment on Call?

Before the COVID 19 pandemic, patients directly take an appointment by visiting the clinic and wait for their turn. But this is a risky method today. This is because as long as you sit in the clinic waiting for your turn, the risk of catching coronavirus infection increases. Therefore, it is good to take an appointment on-call rather than taking an appointment by visiting the clinic.

Taking an appointment on call also has some other benefits. Nowadays, clinics are managing hr crowd of patients by limiting the number of patients at their clinics. Hence, if you take an appointment on call, the doctor will schedule your treatment as per the number of appointments booked before you.

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