The Indian Punch vs the Chinese punch

The Indian Punch vs the Chinese punch
  • Jun 25, 2020

Quoting Dr. Arvind Poswal

The Indian Punch v/s the Chinese punch
Following requests from many hair transplant doctors who wish to discard low quality Chinese hair transplant instruments (especially the extraction punch) with better, high quality “Made in India” PUNCH.
We are glad to offer the superior quality, precise punch made from high grade Steel Chromium alloys.

This is the same punch used by Dr. A @ Dr. (ex- Capt) Arvind Poswal that enables taking out hair grafts from cheek, moustache and eyebrows without visible scarring.
We will be posting the detailed description, video, cost etc., of the Indian punch and the entire Dr. A’s Hair Transplant microsurgical instrument range.

Example 1: