• Apr 08, 2021

We as humans, whether we like or dislike our body hair, it is still present and requires attention. When it comes to body hair, we are divided into categories in today's world. Some of us just needed them in a few places, while others were unconcerned.

Body hair: Body hair is also known as androgenic hair, is terminal hair that covers the majority of our bodies. It essentially means that in the presence of androgens, prepubertal velous hair turns into this terminal hair. 

Purpose: They are vital sensory organs. This isn't to say that shaving them off makes you less sensitive to touch. The hair shaft inside the skin plays a crucial role in transmitting sensory information.


1- Since the density of body hair varies in various parts of the body, it may be lighter or darker depending on the person.

2- The androgenic/growth phase of these hair is shorter, while the telogen/dormant phase is longer.

3- These hair do not grow as long as the hair on your scalp.

4- Single follicles are the most common, with doubles and triples being rare.

Why it is important for us: Since a long time, we have been promoting body hair transplantation and our personal experience with it. We've learned a lot over the years thanks to the ever-changing world of hair transplantation. When scalp hair is insufficient for complete coverage in HT with higher NW-Hamilton grades, the next available donor is body hair.

How do we use it: 

1- Balance: A balanced use of both scalp and beard hair is needed to achieve optimal density. The aesthetics of the scalp donor must be respected at all costs, and a beard is always a good choice.

2- Aesthetics: The hairline, temples, crown centre, and lateral humps are all areas where scalp hair is needed for aesthetically pleasing results, which beard hair cannot provide due to its coarse texture.

3- Placement: The importance of strategic placement cannot be overstated. Because of its shorter growth and longer dormant period, it's best not to put all of your beard hair in one place. It is ideal to spread these beard grafts with implanted scalp grafts or in between pre-existing hair to serve as a volumizer. There are periods when the bulk of the beard hair goes inactive, resulting in a loss of density and length.

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