• Apr 15, 2021

Hair loss is a common side effect of growing older, but it may be premature, patchy, or serious in certain cases due to sickness, hormonal changes, or other medical conditions. Are you experiencing hair loss and feeling self-conscious about it? If you're looking for a treatment alternative look no further than the best PRP treatment in Delhi for hair loss. One of the most successful and safe ways to stimulate hair growth is platelet-rich plasma therapy. The treatment stimulates hair growth by using the patient's own growth factors.

PRP Treatment: The PRP treatment for hair works by isolating a portion of the blood that aids in the healing and formation of clots in the body. The components are then reinjected into the scalp, which stimulates hair follicle formation. The body's normal and concentrated growth factors are then used to cure itself in this manner. This non-surgical technique is both safe and efficient.

PRP: PRP Therapy, also known as PRP hair care, is a non-invasive therapy that promotes hair regrowth by using the body's natural healing ability. A small amount of blood is taken from the patient as part of the procedure. The separation process is carried out using a medical-grade centrifuge to produce platelet-rich plasma, which contains concentrated growth factors. The plasma is then pumped into the scalp in a grid pattern. The procedure promotes hair growth while also initiating tissue repair and regeneration.

It takes about an hour to complete the procedure. While results are apparent after three weeks, optimal collagen regeneration for scalp skin can take up to three months. For better results, a minimum of 3-4 sessions are expected, with a bi-annual maintenance appointment recommended every six months.

Benefits of PRP hair loss treatment: PRP is an especially effective hair loss treatment for “androgenic alopecia,” a form of hair loss that affects both men and women. Development factors, bioactive proteins, nutrients, vitamins, hormones, and electrolytes are all present in platelet-rich plasma, which aid tissue repair and regeneration. This has excellent results because it refreshes the follicles and encourages healthy hair development.

The procedure improves hair density, increases blood and nutrient flow, increases hair follicle growth duration, and decreases hair loss to normal levels, with results visible within 90 days. Since it uses the patient's own blood, it is a safe procedure with no chance of infectious disease transmission. There is no downtime, and you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. Since PRP has antimicrobial properties, it reduces the risk of infection after care. Overall, the treatment achieves amazing results by promoting follicle rejuvenation and extending the hair growth cycle.

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