Hair Transplant Everything you need to know

  • Jun 21, 2021

Losing hair, especially at a young age, can cause pain and panic. Because a healthy diet and exercise can have just a minor impact on hair loss, it's critical to consider other options. Hair transplantation is a logical solution that everybody can consider. The taboos surrounding male baldness are numerous, particularly in Indian society. Many people are surprised by how affordable hair transplant surgery is when they inquire about the cost.

What Hair Transplant Techniques Are Used?

Hair transplants are performed using two different techniques.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Strip Transplant: It entails removing or extracting a piece of skin (stripped out) and segregating individual groups of hair follicle units under a microscope, each one is transplanted to the desired location.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This method, unlike the strip method, involves the removal of individual follicles using a small circular punch in a small area of diameter, which is then planted in the desired area as needed. Get Best FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi at Dr. A's Clinic.

How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

The majority of hair transplant procedures or surgeries are done on your own hair. The transplanted hair grows without any other medical assistance after surgery. You may continue to wash, style, cut, and trim your hair as needed, but with a little more tender care in the beginning. In most cases, the hair transplant procedure is completed in just one or two sittings. There is also no requirement to be admitted or refrain from normal activities. Only mild anaesthetics are used, so you can return to work the next day. Because it is so minimally invasive, there is no need for recovery or rest.

With a little tender love and care, you'll be ready to flaunt a brand new self full of confidence and pride.

Who will be performing my hair transplant surgery?

Hair Transplant Surgery is a difficult procedure. Only a select few surgeons are capable of doing this procedure correctly to achieve optimal results. Make an appointment with one of our Curls & Curves specialist Doctor Arvind Poswal, who can explain the entire process in simple terms and give you an idea of how your scalp transformation can be simple and affordable.

If you are looking for one of the best hair transplant specialists then Dr. A’s Clinic gives you permanent and natural-looking hair. We also provide an online hair transplant training course in Delhi. Hair transplant courses are not only for Doctors, even their assistants can also apply for this and gain knowledge.

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