How to check out your real graft requirements

How to check out your real graft requirements
  • Jul 09, 2021

Since, the fee as well as look of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts, it's very urgent to understand how to check out your real graft requirements/estimates.

It's no use if only 1 or 2 hair are transplanted in a centimetre of bald scalp. One needs atleast 40 grafts per square centimetre to get an appearance of fullness of hair.

( Think you need even higher density?...no problem, you can customise density as per yourself. Shave 1 centimetre only of your non balding scalp area, take it's picture and count the number of grafts per square centimetre. That is your nature given density. Aim to recover 50% of that density to get a good, dense appearance).

Now you can measure your bald/balding scalp in a square centimetres. Take help of a flexible scale or measuring tape.

Mastering this simple technique will ensure no one is able to dupe you by giving low graft estimates (called lowballing in marketing terms).

Understand your requirements so that you can get the best out of your hair transplant.
Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

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