• Jul 08, 2021

Hair loss is a severe issue that should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid baldness. Men have hair loss at a higher rate than women. Hair loss can not only influence our physical appearance, but it also affects our self-esteem. Hereditary or hormonal changes can cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused by severe medical conditions and pharmaceutical exposure. The majority of people try to avoid hair loss by hiding it or not addressing it. They put themselves in the most vulnerable position by not seeking the best hair loss treatment. However, few people take this condition seriously and search for the finest hair loss treatment available.

The following are some of the most common causes of hair loss in men:

1- Inherited: Hair loss can be caused by both hereditary and hormonal reasons. If any of our family members or relatives suffer from hair loss or baldness, you are at a higher risk.

2- Medical conditions: Anemia, thyroid problems, or a low-protein diet can all cause temporary hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by medications used to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

3- Stress and infections: Excessive stress or shock might cause hair loss. Ringworm infections, for example, can cause significant hair loss.

4- Immune System: Our immune system is also linked to hair loss. Baldness and hair loss are more common in those who have a weak immune system. Hair loss can also be caused by a genetic disorder called Alopecia Areata.

The following are some of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of hair loss:

1- Hair thinning: In men, hair begins to recede from the forehead and may resemble the letter M. It is one of the most prevalent Hair Loss Women symptoms.

2- Patch or Circular Bald Spots: The bald spots are coin-sized. This is a smooth area that affects the scalp. Before the hair falls out, the skin can become itchy.

3- Hair Loosening: Stress and emotional imbalance can cause your hair to loosen. While combing or washing your hair, you may see a handful of hair falling out. This results in total hair loss and a significant reduction in hair volume.

4- Patches for scaling: This is a ringworm symptom that should be addressed as soon as possible. Redness, swelling, broken hair, and leaking are all possible side effects.

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