Hair Transplant techniques

  • Jul 19, 2021

More people are losing their hair, and it isn't just the elderly who are afflicted; even the young are affected. It has a negative impact on both a young person's personal and professional life when it impacts them. Hair transplant treatment, on the other hand, has advanced to the point where it can now be used to permanently correct hair loss.

Wearing wigs, extensions, synthetic hair, or medicines are all options for managing hair loss, but these aids are usually only temporary treatments for baldness and are not feasible as long-term hair loss solutions. Here is a hair transplant guide that will help you understand key details about the procedure and offer you information to assist you to make more informed decisions.

The procedure for hair transplantation: Hair transplantation is a difficult minimally invasive cosmetic surgical process that involves harvesting hair follicles from donor sites that are selected based on the location of permanent hair roots, and then successfully transplanting these hair grafts to the intended bald area.

Hair transplantation is often performed using one of two methods: FUE and FUT hair transplants.

In a FUT hair transplant, a strip is removed from the donor area and transferred to a graft separation facility, where the hair grafts are separated and individual hair grafts are collected. Each hair graft is implanted into the balding area, providing long-term advantages. This operation can produce approximately 3000–3500 hair grafts, making it an excellent alternative for patients who have a lot of hair loss and desire a high-density hair transplant.

Each hair graft is taken from the donor area using a punch instrument to pull each hair graft from beneath the skin in an FUE hair transplant. Using this approach, each hair graft is extracted separately and then transplanted to the recipient site. This operation resulted in the harvesting of around 2000–2500 hair transplants.

A combination process of FUT and FUE has lately been established in order to provide a bigger yield of hair grafts of around 4000 hair follicles. Both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques are performed simultaneously by Dr. A’s clinic in Delhi NCR in a single session.

FUT hair transplant harvests a larger number of hair follicles (about 3000–3500), whereas FUE hair transplant harvests the remaining hair follicles (arid 1500 hair grafts). This method is intended for advanced baldness patients who demand a higher output of hair follicles in a single session.

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