Bye Bye Baldness

Bye Bye Baldness
  • Apr 27, 2019

Modern medical science has finally achieved a unique and successful way of getting rid of baldness and that too in a single day treatment.

The name of treatment is follicular unit micrografting. And it gives you real growing hair on your bald spot. These hair can be cut repeatedly and they last a person's lifetime.

Dr. (Capt) Arvind Poswal, a follicular micrografting specialist, says, "unlike older methods of hair transplant, which left unnatural looking hair, follicular micrografting is very advanced microsurgery in which the treatment hair growth is virtually indistinguishable from the natural hair growth.

Moreover, the down period is very less. The procedure of follicular micrografting is performed within a few hours and you can join your office the next day. There is no need of any admission or any long term harmful medications.

Scientists confirm that those grafted hair keep growing for the person's lifetime. They can be cut repeatedly.

Follicular micrografting is becoming very popular in the developed countries. Losing hair or getting bald is, therefore, no longer inevitable. It is now merely optional, and more and more people are now exercising the option to get back real growing hair on their scalp.

You can finally heave a sigh of relief if you have been losing hair. For the sceptics, these clinics offer an option of going ahead with a small session; in which hair can be regrown over a small bald area. On seeing the regrown hair first hand, one can opt to get more hair regrown. So its time to bid goodbye to baldness.


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