Customisation of hair transplants as per the patient requirement

Customisation of hair transplants as per the patient requirement
  • Sep 09, 2020

Dear readers,

This is another often overlooked aspect of hair transplants.

One must spend time with the person and ask him/her what they want. This is one question I ask my patients and they are usually surprised.

Dr. A - What do you want?

Pt - Of course, I want hair.  


Dr. A - I need to know 

1. what bothers you most about your hair,

2. your priorities in terms of the different areas of hair loss, 

3. the sort of hairline you want

4. Depending on how much donor you have, how much do you want to use right now given your age and your family predisposition to further hair loss.


Pt - You are the doctor, I guess you are the best judge.

This is where I stop. Remember, as a hair loss sufferer and as a recipient of a hair restoration, you are the one who is going to look at the results every day in the mirror.

To one person, the bald crown may be more bothersome while another may want a really youthful hairline even if the crown is bald or thinning.

This personal psychological aspect is something that you as a patient must communicate to your hair transplant doctor.

Even better, see multiple results, search for a person with hair loss and hair characteristics similar to yours and the resultant transformation and point it out to your doctor that this is what you want. If it is something he feels unrealistic or not possible for you, he will say so. If not, then at least you will look in the mirror and be able to think that … yes, this is what I wanted (not that this is what my HT doctor thought best for me).


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