Why is it necessary for celebrities to have a hair transplant

Why is it necessary for celebrities to have a hair transplant
  • Sep 27, 2019

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called “male pattern baldness” or “female pattern baldness”. The hairlessness occurs gradually due to the natural ageing process and starts with declining hairlines in male and waning of hair in females. 

While this affects the ordinary people, celebrities, especially those who are in the entertainment and sports industry, are equally affected.

An ordinary person may accept his or her bald condition and carry on with their lives, but for celebrities, it is a major setback to their appearance and career. Celebrities, especially movie actors, are idolized by millions of their fans. They are looked upon as role models after what they have achieved in their lives. Indians are crazy about films and sports, cricket in particular. The masses try to escape the humdrum of their ordinary lives by escaping into the fantasy world of Hindi films or the excitement of the game of cricket. Thus, the actor’s appearance is everything that matters to the audience and for the film stars themselves.

The yesteryear film stars of Bollywood 

Two to three decades back, several film stars in Bollywood had gone bald in the prime of the careers. In those earlier days, there was no concept of Hair transplant, and such wigs were in high demand. These stars use to wear wigs all the time, and it used to be a well-kept secret until some movie tabloids spilled the beans. And when these film stars do not wear the wigs, then they cover their baldness by wearing a cap, hat or Bandana.

Apart from the personal appearance, actors were also required to wear wigs to play the role of older men or women's role in the yesteryear movies.

Celebrities are also human

The common man forgets that celebrities are also human, just like them. They undergo the same stress and strain and have the same problems as all of us. They may suffer more family issues, or health issues and the chances of hair loss is more with them due to the constant exposure to shootings and makeups. The only thing visible to the rest of the world is their glamour and stardom. 

Some heroes in Bollywood and Hollywood has gone completely bald and have carried on with the career in their natural bald look without resorting to wig or hair transplant. This brings us to the topic of hair transplant in today’s world.

The hair industry has come a long way in the last decade. The hair transplant surgery has become popular not only with common man, but it is now a must for celebrities. The advantage of a hair transplant is that it gives a more natural look and more comfortable to handle daily. Just like natural hair, they grow, and needs cut and regular wash.

Therefore, these celebrities opt for the Best hair transplant Clinic in Mumbai  to ensure that their youthful look is restored.

There are some clinics which are famous for hair transplants and provide the  Best hair loss treatment in Mumbai. These clinics have some of the best cosmetic surgeons, and the cost in Mumbai is much cheaper than those available abroad.

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