Questions to Ask from A Hair Transplant Clinic Before Paying Them for Their Service

Questions to Ask from A Hair Transplant Clinic Before Paying Them for Their Service
  • Oct 22, 2019

Come on! Let's admit it. It was not an easy decision to convince yourself to get a hair transplant. You had several questions popping in your head, and behind all those dreadful dilemmas that you were facing at that point in time, it was never easy. Anyways you made up your mind and congratulations on that. You did a plentiful of research and finally found a hair clinic you are feeling comfortable with. 

You may have spent quite some time researching about the clinic and the services they offer. You have talked to earlier candidates and met face-to-face to convince yourself that the clinic provides a satisfactory treatment. But that's not where the work gets over. Here are some of the most critical questions which you should ask your hair transplant clinic before you are paying for their service. 

Who are some other top surgeons?

Seriously? Will I need to make a recommendation on which clinics in Mumbai have the best hair transplant surgeons, that too from a different clinic. Of course, not, google is there to you out for this. The purpose of asking is to make them speak about their clinic and highlight their service. It's like asking, what makes you stand out? By asking this particular question, the clinic surgeons will explain to you their service in detail.

How experienced is the staff working with you?

If all you are looking for is the work experience of the surgeon, then you are mistaken. It's not like you should avoid the work experience of the surgeon, but the work experience of the staff working under the surgeon also matters. The surgeon is not the only person working inside the operation theatre; the team is there with him. Suppose you chose the best surgeon in your nearest hair clinic, but if the staff of the clinic is not well-trained, it will be futile at the end. 

Will I get free scar fixes?

You will experience scarring after a hair transplant treatment. Scars depend on the type of surgery you opted for your hair transplant. How to get rid of them? Your surgeon will be the right person to consult in this situation. The surgeon will recommend you all those creams and ointments, which you have to put on the portion of the scar on the scalp. What if the scars don't go away? Are the scar fixes free of cost, or do I need to pay for fixing my scars post-surgery? If yes, how much will I need to pay for the scar repair treatment?

 Will I need another transplant in the future?

A hair transplant is a permanent hair restoration surgery that guarantees to last forever. However, as your aging starts, there may be a chance of another surgery in the future. Generally, the surgery from FUE lasts forever compared to FUT, but it's best conducting your research. Talking with the surgeons of Best hair loss treatment in Mumbai will be of great help.

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