At the outset, the term Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) or Tricopigmentation can be misleading for many potential patients as it does not tell whether the treatment is permanent or temporary. It also does not clarify what techniques, equipments and type of pigments will be used.

(It is like telling a patient he will get hair transplant but not whether it will be fue or strip or outdated plug grafting).
Therefore, Dr. Arvind Poswal proposed a classification based on his research and experience in this field.
We call this Arvind Classification of Scalp Micro Pigmentation(SMP)/ Tricopigmentation as distinct from other classifications that may arise in future:-

a). TP 1 – Temporary Tricopigmentation using Milena Lardi’s (Beauty Medical) techniques, equipments and pigments

b). TP 2 – Temporary Tricopigmentation using other techniques, instruments and/or pigments

c). TP 3 – Permanent Tricopigmentation creating micro dots by a practitioner trained in this field

d). TP 4 – Permanent Tricopigmentation not necessarily micro dots by any tattoo applicator.

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