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Want to get hair naturally? Avail our services with the world’s finest hair transplant technique which is useful to get natural-looking hair for women.

Whether you want to treat patterned baldness or want to lower a hairline that is high, you can rely on us. We will assist you in getting the best guidance and treatment for your hair loss.

Hair loss in females causes several ill-effects including mental stress and behavioural changes including loss of confidence, inferiority complex, feeling shy and low on self-esteem in public. Thankfully, there are many options for female hair transplants in Delhi, which are getting popular because of high success rates and the advantages of minimum scarring.

The procedures for female hair transplant are similar to those of males, but unlike for males, the preferred technique for women is FUT, as it does not involve shaving of the head. In about 8–10 months, a new strand of hair will grow from the transplanted hair follicles, resulting in a dense area of hair on your scalp.

Hair Transplant for Women in Delhi

Dr. A's Clinic is the renowned name for hair restoration services for women in Delhi. We have a team of qualified, experienced and skilled hair restoration specialists for women who are looking for a painless, aesthetically pleasing, and permanent solution to their hair loss. So, get ready to regain your hair and confidence by consulting with us. We will help you in getting the desired result with our best Hair Transplant for Women.

Why Choose Dr. A's Clinic for Female Hair Transplant in India?

Dr. A’s clinic is a world-famous center for female hair transplants in India. Thousands of happy patients from across the world recommend Dr. A’s clinic for the best hair transplant for females in India.

  • At Dr. A’s clinic, we provide the finest hair transplant technique needed for natural-looking beautiful hair, whether it is for patterned baldness or lowering your hairline.
  • Our expert team of highly qualified, immensely skilled doctors, possessing vast and varied experience in the field, will guide you and give personalized treatment solutions as per your requirements.
  • Their clinical expertise, precision, and artistic skills will offer you remarkable results with minimal discomfort and pain.
  • The advanced and latest technology that we use helps achieve high success rates with minimum side effects.
  • Dr. A’s clinic also assures the most comfortable and safe environment by following strict infection control and hygiene maintenance norms.
  • As our patients are our priority, we have kept our cost structures transparent and pocket friendly. When you weigh the outcomes, you will find the expenses are of much worth.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Female Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Various factors are responsible for the female hair transplant cost in India:

  • The extent of baldness and number of grafts: More grafts will be required to cover a larger area for hair transplant, and hence cost will be more.
  • The number of sessions: Depending upon your scalp’s response to the given treatment, the number of sessions will vary, and accordingly, the cost.
  • The surgeon’s qualifications: More qualified and experienced surgeons will be a little expensive since they provide promising results.
  • The hair transplant technique: Depending upon which technique is used, the cost will vary. If combination techniques like laser etc., are also used with hair transplant, the cost will be more.
  • Location of the clinic: The city and area where the clinic is located will affect the cost.
  • Diagnostic tests, anesthesia, and medications: These will add to the transplant cost.

What Is the Average Hair Transplant Cost for Females in India?

The average cost of female hair transplant in Delhi ranges from:

FUT: 25-60 INR per graft.

FUE: 15-60 INR per graft.

Usually, FUT is the preferred hair transplant technique in females.

Female Hair Transplant Cost in India at Dr. A's Clinic

The female hair transplant cost in India is reasonable when compared to the benefits it provides. If you are suffering from the agony of hair loss, do not take any stress, and visit Dr A’s Clinic to avail the most affordable female hair transplant cost in Delhi.

The hair experts here will guide you in line with your requirements, and provide you with such remarkable results that you will always consider the expense incurred as an asset. Moreover, if you compare the hair transplant cost for females in India, you will find that the prices at Dr A’s Clinic is quite reasonable and worth it.


Dr. A’s clinic is the perfect place where you get a female hair transplant in Delhi. At this clinic, the finest and cutting edge technologies are used to give customers naturally looking, voluminous hair. Be it lowering hairline or pattern baldness, there is a solution for everything at Dr. A’s clinic. We have an experienced and highly qualified team of doctors that can guide clients and provide personalized treatment as per requirement. For more details, you can visit www.fusehair.com and book an appointment.

The cost of hair transplantation depends on the number of grafts needed and the type of technique. The price is affordable and varies as per the requirements of the clients. However, the typical female hair transplant cost in Delhi can range between 25-60 INR per graft for Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and around 15-60 INR per graft for Follicular unit extraction (FUE). The most preferred technique for females is FUT.

Yes! India is no doubt one of the best countries for hair transplants, both for males and females. With an experienced and highly skilled team of doctors in Dr. A’s clinic, one can easily expect satisfactory and long-term results. These clinics can not only provide the latest hair restoration techniques to clients but also make the female hair transplant cost in India quite affordable.

There are a lot of factors that can determine the hair transplant cost for females in India. Some of the factors include:

  • Degree of baldness
  • Number of grafts that are to be made
  • The number of sessions
  • Availability of donor grafts for those who don’t have healthy hair
  • The procedure of hair transplant
  • Experience of the surgeon and the clinic where the procedure is conducted

Yes! Hair transplant in females has given positive results and is a success in India. It helps boost the person's confidence while giving her beautiful lustrous hair back. Both FUE and FUT techniques have been shown to give 100 percent results.

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