Types of Hair Transplant Treatment in Garhwa

Scalp Hair Transplants (FUHT)

<p>People often make a snap-judgement when viewing someone for the first time. From this judgement, values such as age, health and compatibility are derived. Physical characteristics, such as hair, play a key role during this initial judgement. Hair density and hair line location are reliable benchmarks used to determine age. Hair restoration restores these benchmarks to bring back a youthful appearance and engender positive first impressions.</p>

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Body Hair Transplants (FUSE)

<p>For patients with robust body hair, BHTs (body hair to scalp transplants) increase available donor hair supply. This treatment option is essential for patients with advanced degrees of hair loss and those who lost scalp donor supply due to other reasons.</p>

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FUHT/strip Technique Details

In FUHT, a strip of hair bearing scalp is extracted from the donor area. The strip varies between 1cm to 1.5cm in width. The strip incision is then closed by dissolvable sutures or surgical staples as shown in the following picture. The sutures will dissolve and do not have to be removed. The strip is then dissected into individual follicular unit grafts.

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Differences Between FUSE & FUE

<p>Hairs emerging at a very acute angle to the skin while the cutting circumference of the punch is flat. So, when a flat punch follows the line of the hair shaft, it cuts the skin to different extents on different sides of the hair shaft. If one remains just within the permissible depth on the lower side of the hair shaft, i.e. just to the level of reticular dermis, the dermal attachments on the upper side are too thick for the FU to be easily pulled out. Therefore, the FU (follicular unit) breaks or can not be extracted.</p>

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FUE Hair Transplant

<p>FUE is a popular technique for hair transplant in which follicular units or grafts are extracted individually instead of the entire strip. We at Dr. A&rsquo;s Clinic are reputed to offer the best FUE Hair Transplant Treatment in Delhi. If you keep short hair and don&rsquo;t want the scar to be visible in the head then this treatment is useful for you.</p>

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