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Sudden Hair loss cries out for medical treatment. Are you looking for a Hair Transplant Treatment Clinic in Hyderabad? Then we are here to lend our help. We are a trusted face when it comes to Hair Transplant Treatment in Hyderabad. Our scientific and ethical approach makes us different from other surgeons in Hyderabad. We believe in the “Safety first” policy and every client is treated as a part of our family. Apart from that, we offer Holistic Guidance, Optimum Coverage, Appropriate coverage, Long term planning, and Customize artistic design

Other services that we offer

Apart from Hair Transplant Treatment in Hyderabad, we also provide hair restoration services in the following domains:

  • Beard Restoration
  • Temple Restoration
  • Hairline Design
  • Hair Transplant on scars
  • Eyebrow Restoration
  • Unwanted Hair Removal

World No. 1 Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Arvind Poswal, MBBS (AFMC), is widely regarded as one of the best hair transplant surgeon in the world. He is the inventor of the FUSE technique and instrumentation.

Hairline Information

The hairline is the most important area of a hair restoration procedure. In addition to density preferences, the location of the hairline is a key factor for patients to consider.

Dr. A's Hair Restoration Services

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Dr. Arvind Poswal,
Founder, Owner
( Dr. A’s Clinic )

Dr. A's Clinic

Awards and Achievements

Dr. Arvind Poswal,an inventor, an artist, a perfectionist and a teacher is popular among his patients and peers alike. He completed his medical studies from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (India).

He is from an army background. His grandfather and father both were in the army and received several decorations and awards while taking part in many wars ranging from the World War 1, World War-II and 1971 war.

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