Scalp Hair Transplants (FUHT) in Nepal

Looking for the best FUHT Hair Transplant in Nepal? Scalp Hair Transplantation (FUHT) is well-acknowledged to achieve dense packing at 60-80 grafts/cm. We expertise to complete 4000+ strip sessions in a single day while maintaining strict quality standards. In this procedure, we restore the hairs in such a way that they occur naturally in a group of 4 or 5 hairs. We specialize that the recovery of hair can give a completely natural look, that they can’t be distinguished.

Natural Hair Restoration

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUHT) is widely acknowledged for its natural hair restoration. Through this technique, our clinical team harvests the follicular unit grafts and transplant them to the recipient site to restore lost hair and increase the density of hair. The FUHT procedure that we perform on our clients is highly appreciated for an indistinguishable natural look.

Merits of Procedure

Dr. A’s Clinic is widely acclaimed for providing natural-looking hair transplantation, which is difficult to distinguish. We are offering body hair as a major source to restore the lost hair. Being the reputed clinic for Scalp Hair Transplant in Nepal, our main focus is on the artistic value, that how we are going to place the transplantation to provide a natural look.

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