Dr. A's Hair Transplant Training & Course

Dr. A's Hair Transplant Training & Course

Hair Transplant - Courses:

  • Basic program (live surgery) - 1 day
  • Intermediate & Advanced Training Programs-3 MONTHS
  • Online Hair Transplant Training Course

Online hair transplant training for those who wish to learn how to perform hair transplant procedures. If you are a medical doctor and wish to learn more about this hugely rewarding opportunity in hair transplantation, this introductory video is for you.  Although this hair transplant training program is tailored made for medical professionals, you don't need to be a medical doctor in order to enroll. The training course is open to everyone who is interested in learning how to perform hair transplant procedures.

And best of all, your teacher or mentor is not just any hair transplant surgeon, but the one and only Dr. Arvind Poswal who founded the overall Top Ranked #1 hair transplant clinic in the world according to HairSite's patient statistics.



Demand for Hair Transplant Training Skyrocketed

The demand for hair restoration procedures have skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to technological breakthroughs that made hair transplantation less invasive and more effective than ever. Hair transplantation is no longer a surgery, it is more like an out-patient procedure. Also, hair transplant is not just for men, it can work equally well for women too. As a matter of fact, the demand for women hair transplant has grown exponentially in the past 5 years as with other procedures such as facial hair restoration, body hair transplant, eyebrow & eyelash transplant etc.

This introductory hair transplant training program is a must have for any doctor or clinic wishing to keep up with the ever increasing demand for hair transplantation.


Online Hair Transplant Training Course Curriculum

Here we have an overview of this hair transplant training course put together by Dr. Arvind  Poswal and his team. Some of the topics that are being covered include:

Hair transplant donor harvesting, safe donor zone and donor harvesting techniques.

Strip hair transplant surgical incision technique, donor closure and suture management.

• The hugely popular minimally invasive FUSE/FUE  hair transplant technique that requires no stitches and leaves no linear scars.


Hair transplant recipient site preparation and design.


Donor graft handling and management for optimal yield.

Basic Hair Transplant Training Program ( Cost: $137)

  • One day live and pratical observation of hair transplant surgery 
  • Through and detailed discussion with sergeons about the surgery
  • Preoperative preparation and post operative care and handling of patient

Intermediate & Advanced Hair Transplant Training Programs 

  • Additional hair transplant training courses on facial hair restoration, body hair transplant, eyebrow & eyelash transplant, hair transplant scars repair, women hair transplant as well as SMP scalp micropigmentation and PRP platelet rich plasma hair treatment are also available.
  • Besides online training program, in-clinic and hands-on training are also available at various locations.  Customized training programs are also offered upon request.

If you are interested in enrolling for this or other hair transplant training programs. Introductory, intermediate and advanced courses are available; both online and in-person training.

Open to all doctors or even non medical professionals worldwide.

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