Hair Loss in Women in Usa

We are living in a society where women baldness is totally unaccepted. People often think that hair loss is a men’s problem but this is not the truth as now this problem is hitting hard to women as well. Hair Loss in Women in Usa has become common now as large number of women is now suffering with this problem.

Hair Loss isn’t just a guy thing

Whether it’s a short or long term, women lose hair in the same way as men do. Gone are the days when hair loss is just a guy thing as now is the time when women are also suffering from gradual thinning of hair, bald patches and spots etc. Hair Loss in Women is more devastating and stressful.


Hair Loss in Women in Usa is stressful but the good news is that such condition is preventable, treatable and reversible. Hair loss can be treated in several ways such as:

  • Hair transplant treatment
  • By avoiding tight hairstyles like braid
  • By avoiding harsh products

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