Despite the fact that blood is primarily a liquid (plasma), it does contain some tiny solid components (red cells, white cells, and platelets). The importance of platelets in blood coagulation is well-known. On the other hand, PRP Treatment in Delhi platelets include hundreds of proteins known as growth factors, which are critical in the healing of lesions.

PRP is plasma that contains much more platelets than normal blood. Platelet counts — and hence growth factor counts — can be five to ten times higher (or richer) than normal. Blood must initially be obtained from a patient in order to create a PRP preparation. During the centrifugation process, platelets are separated from other blood cells and their concentration is enhanced. After that, the platelets are injected into the damaged area.

What Is PRP Treatment in Delhi and How Does It Work?

Although the specific mechanism of PRP is unknown, laboratory studies have revealed that the increased concentration of growth factors in PRP has the ability to speed up the healing process. The injured location is treated with PRP preparation to speed up recovery.

PRP can be injected into the damaged area with care. The heel cord can become swollen, inflamed, and painful in Achilles tendinitis, a condition common in runners and tennis players. This inflammatory tissue can be injected with a mixture of PRP and local anaesthetic. Get the best PRP Treatment cost in Delhi Following the injection, the discomfort at the injection site may actually worsen for the first week or two, and it may take many weeks before the patient notices a positive result.

PRP may potentially be used to help some injuries heal faster following surgery. Athletes with a completely torn heel chord, for example, may require surgery to restore the tendon. Treatment of the damaged area with PRP during surgery may help the torn tendon heal faster. This is accomplished by preparing the PRP in such a way that it may be sewn into injured tissues.

PRP is used to treat a wide range of ailments. Is It Working?

PRP treatment is now the subject of research investigations to determine its efficacy. PRP injections have been found in recent studies to enhance the results of some tendon disorders. Furthermore, a growing body of evidence supports the efficacy of PRP in the treatment of mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis. The success of the Best PRP treatment in Gurgaon can be influenced by a number of factors, including:

  1. The body part that is being treated
  2. The patient’s general health
  3. Whether the injury is acute (e.g., from a fall) or chronic (e.g., from a car accident)
  4. The PRP treatment in Delhi, which includes the cellular nature of the injected substance.
  • Tendon Injuries that are chronic
  • Muscle and Ligament Injuries Acute
  • Operation
  • Arthritis of the Knee

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