prp treatment for hair loss and how long does it last

Hair loss is a widespread occurrence in people of all ages and backgrounds. It can drastically affect your emotional state and social standing. Thus, with the advancement in medical technology, many solutions have emerged for treating hair loss issues. One of the procedures that is relatively high in demand is PRP treatment.

PRP therapy is a non-surgical process considered to be relatively safer than other hair loss solutions. As per studies, PRP therapy can be a good option if you have just started to experience hair loss issues.

So, in this article, we will share every detail you need to know about PRP treatment for hair loss.

What is PRP Treatment?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a treatment actively used to cure hair loss. The treatment can be effective even if the loss has occurred due to early alopecia.

Positive feedback has led to the conclusion that PRP treatment can help in the efficient restoration of hair growth.

PRP typically consists of 2 elements – one is platelets, and the other one is plasma. Both of them are combined and majorly used to heal cells. After a lot of research, it was found that PRP therapy or treatment can also be used to treat hair loss.

The whole PRP treatment is cut down into 3 processes. The first step is drawing blood from the patient’s body. The second part of the treatment is to process the drawn blood., And the last part of the PRP therapy is to inject the processed blood into the patient’s scalp.

PRP treatment is believed to trigger hair growth in an individual, which is accelerated by increasing the blood supply in the patient’s scalp. The overall result of the process helps new hair to grow healthily.

Multiple studies have evidenced that undergoing PRP treatment can help do away with the problem of hair loss effectively. It will have a long-term effect on your hair growth. However, a patient will need to get a couple of regular touch-ups by the practitioner to reap the complete benefits of the treatment.

How is PRP Treatment Helpful?

PRP treatment is a successful hair regeneration procedure that patients prefer to undergo. The reason behind opting for this procedure is the ample benefits that come with it compared to other treatments.

So, below are some benefits explaining why PRP treatments can be a smart choice.


PRP therapy is a comparatively simpler process than other complicated hair loss treatments like hair transplantation. Unlike hair transplantation, no cuts or grafting is to be done here, so there are no scars. In a PRP treatment, injections are usually used to encourage hair cell growth.

Faster Recovery

Compared to hair transplantation surgeries, PRP treatment has a shorter recovery period. A patient does not even have to wait for a couple of hours. They can return to their business right after the procedure is complete, as it only involves injecting the PRP.

Natural Results

The PRP treatment involves hair growth from the DNA of the patient’s blood cells. Hence, it guarantees that results are natural.

This treatment option is perfect for you if you are opposed to invasive surgery or chemical enhancement.

Long Lasting

The results of PRP are reliable and don’t need frequently repeated procedures. Since the hair grows on its own through the natural blood platelets, the results last longer than other hair loss treatments.

Does Not Take Much Time

PRP treatment is an outpatient procedure where a patient does not need to get hospitalized. The whole process takes about an hour or even less to get completed. Once done, the patient is free to go home.

Are There Any Side Effects of PRP Treatment?

Every medical procedure has room for side effects, as it involves changing things within a person’s body. However, since PRP treatment does not include introducing foreign elements into a patient’s body, the side effects are minimal.

PRP treatment only involves the injection of a person’s blood in their scalp, so it removes the space for infection.

However, you must avail of the treatment at technologically advanced, high-quality clinics to ensure your hygiene and safety.

How Long Will the Results of PRP Last?

PRP therapy is one of the most sought-after procedures people undergo to eliminate hair loss issues. However, it might take several weeks and multiple sessions to finally see some fruitful results post the first injection.

Typically, how long the results of a PRP treatment last depends on multiple factors. One of the significant factors is how effectively the practitioner performed the treatment on you. Also, it depends on how your body reacts to the injections and the frequent touch-ups.

Nevertheless, the average time for which the results of a PRP treatment last is about 18 months to almost 2 years.

Is the PRP Procedure Worth it?

The worthiness of a procedure entirely depends on the preference of a person. But if all the benefits of the PRP treatment are considered, then one can conclude that the process is indeed worth it.

It has multiple advantages against other treatment options like a hair transplant. The platelet and plasma solution injected in the PRP therapy strengthens the existing hair strands while ensuring that the new hair grows with high quality. Along with that, it poses lesser risks as there are no incisions or cuts.

Moreover, there are almost zero chances of a person contracting a communicable or blood transfusion-based disease from a PRP treatment, as it is done using the patient’s blood cells. PRP therapy can also be added to a hair transplant to ensure better results.

Considering all the aspects mentioned above about the PRP treatment, it can be said that the PRP treatment is safe and worth the money.


PRP therapy is one of the most advanced hair loss treatments that can last long. Its results persist for an extended period if you take regular touch-up sessions.

However, getting the process done at the right time is essential to ensure that it happens smoothly and delivers desired outcomes.


  1. How long does it take to recover from PRP therapy?

The recovery period for PRP therapy is dependent on the individual going through it. You may experience mild swelling or discomfort in the treated areas for up to a week and a half. Full recovery is possible only after a few weeks of avoiding strenuous and mentally draining activities, as well as taking ample rest.

  1. Do I have to get PRP done again?

The results from the PRP will last you anywhere between 18 months to 2 years. This is a pretty long period of effect, and you may decide to get it done again only if you feel the need. If you feel like a certain area on the head has hair recession, you may consult with your hair specialist regarding the same and seek advice on going through the process once again.

  1. Is the PRP procedure safe?

PRP is one of the safest procedures to undergo for hair loss. Make sure you go through the process under the guidance and expertise of a trained healthcare professional. There is also almost no scope for infections or diseases from PRP, which makes it preferred amongst those struck with hair loss and recession.

  1. Is PRP a surgical process?

PRP is not a surgical process. Rather, it is a minimally invasive procedure that includes drawing out a small amount of blood and injecting rich plasma into a recessed area. It does not involve any incisions and surgical methods and is performed at clinics that do not own such equipment.

  1. How long does PRP therapy take?

PRP is usually a relatively quicker procedure than most other techniques. The entire process, including drawing out the blood and injecting it, can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Patients are also able to recover relatively faster after the PRP therapy.

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