Best prp treatment in Delhi

If you are looking for the best cost of PRP in Delhi for hair fall/loss, vampire facial, face rejuvenation, and wrinkle treatment then Dr. A’s clinic is the ideal option. We are the capital’s one-stop-shop for all your skin and hair concerns. For a seamless process, we accurately evaluate the root cause of the problem and give patients numerous options based on their expectations and explain the likely outcomes.

What is the procedure?

The PRP procedure should be carried out by a skilled physician, and advanced technologies such as ultrasonography should be used when injecting the plasma into the injured area. Patients who are going to have this therapy should keep a few things in mind before starting it. These are listed farther down.

  1.  2 to 3 weeks before the operation, stop using corticosteroid medications.
  2.  A week before the therapy, avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or arthritis meds like Celebrex.
  3. 5 days prior to the treatment, stop using anticoagulant medication.
  4. Patients should also drink plenty of water the day before the procedure.
  5. Patients may be given anti-anxiety medication prior to therapy in some situations.

PRP Therapy

  • PRP treatment entails a number of phases, beginning with the collection of blood from the patient’s body and ending with the preparation of the injection and placement of it on the damaged region
  • Blood is obtained from the patient’s arm, and the process requires a specified amount of blood to be drawn
  • The blood was processed using centrifuge equipment
  • The substance for the injection is prepared by the best hair transplant doctor in delhi or an expert in this sector
  • Prior to therapy, the afflicted region must be cleaned
  • Before the surgery, doctors numb the affected area
  • When utilizing ultrasonography, take the necessary precautions. The gel is first applied to the damaged area, after which the ultrasound probe is squeezed to obtain an image of the skin
  • During the procedure, patients should feel at ease. They will find the treatment to be painful as a result of this
  • Using a syringe and a needle, doctors inject a small amount of the solution into the affected area
  • The bandage is applied to the injected location.

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