Hair Transplant Cost

In today's time, the demand for hair transplantation has increased. So, What is the cost of hair transplant? This is the most common question that everyone wants to know.

As, there are three types of hair transplant treatments, so the cost of every treatment is different and depends on the level of baldness that a patient is suffering from that generally ranges from grade 2 to grade 7. Dr. A’s Clinic is the place where you can get the Hair Transplantation Cost according to your budget.

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

As everyone wants to know the cost of a particular treatment of hair transplants. This is a genuine and most common question. Delhi is the most popular and preferred place in India for hair transplant treatment.

The overall cost of the treatment depends upon many factors like- type of treatment, the complexity of the surgery, less hair in the donor area, recovery cost, etc.

At Dr. A's Clinic

We at Dr. A's Clinic provides the best treatment at a reasonable cost. Must visit the clinic for further information. Generally, Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi is high but at our clinic, you can get hair transplant treatment at the competitive rates.

Dr. A's Clinic Hair Transplant Procedure Pricing/Cost.

FUHT/STRIP/FUT COST: $ 1 /- Per Graft. 

FUSE/FUE COST: $ 2 /- Per Graft. 
Now ($ 1.5 /-) Per Grafts
                             (Note: This offer valid till 30th June 2020. Taxes are as applicable*.)

*Terms & Conditions Apply. 


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