Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Delhi

June 18, 2024

The Hair Pro Laser is a wearable hair growth system that treats thinning hair and restores thicker, fuller, stronger hair in women. It uses US FDA approved & clinically proven Low Level Laser Therapy in Delhi (LLLT) or LPT – laser phototherapy. This technology is proven to energize and stimulates hair follicles using the power of light.

    Simply a cap to grow hair. Portable & discreet – use it anytime, anywhere HANDS-FREE WITH AUTO Switch-OFF

  • Ultimate Comfort
    Light, thin, flex shell for ultimate comfort. Thick Trim to cushion your forehead. Portable Powerpack – Use it on the go.

  • Affordable, Effective & Convenient
    1/2 the cost of Comparable US brands Capillus82, LCELITE, Theradome retailing at Rs 60,000. Hairloss treatment in the comfort of your home. Share with your family as well.

  • Clinically proven
    Low-level laser therapy is clinically proven to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. USA FDA approved technology for both men and women.

  • Uniform Dosage & Full Scalp Coverage
    Unique shell with perfectly placed diodes treats the entire scalp at once with optimal and uniform energy dosage to make hair thicker, fuller and stronger.

  • 80 Medical Grade Laser diodes
    Increases Energy production in the cells; Proper penetration stimulates cellular respiration in the hair follicle.

Most Effective Hair Restoration Solution for men and women both

Almost all medical-grade hair restoration products and services – be it pharmaceuticals or hair transplants – are all geared towards men. It’s because many drugs such as finasteride have side-effects for women and the female pattern of diffused hair thinning is not suitable for hair transplant. Low-level laser therapy is one of the only few viable options for women. Infant, according to clinical research, it is the #1 most effective non-surgical treatment in the world for hair rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, and hair growth for women. A HairPro Laser Cap for Hair Growth in Delhi – It is our motto to restore hair and restore confidence in the eternally beautiful Indian woman.

  • Wearable home-use device for hair growth.
  • LLLT low-level laser therapy for hair growth and to produce thicker, fuller, stronger, shinner hair.
  • USA FDA approved technology for both men and women.
  • Stabilize hair loss in 90% of patients.
  • The photons of the laser cap increase ATP production in the hair follicle cells which further increases hair growth production. 

 #1 in Optimal Power

The right amount of power is required to stimulate the hair follicles using the power of red-light. According to the Arndt-Schulz curve, the optimal energy dosage required for the best result is between 2 joules/cm2 to 4 joules/cm2. Anything less is too less and anything more is too much. With 80 true 5mw laser diodes, the HairPro Laser Cap 80 is designed to deliver just the right amount of energy required for the best results. If you are buying a laser hair therapy device that has less than 80 diodes or is a combination of LED + Laser, it may not get you the desired results.


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