Repair Hair Transplant in Delhi

April 22, 2024

Failed Hair transplant surgeries are uncommon but not unheard of. People are frequently trapped with a botched hair transplant procedure due lack of knowledge and experience of a hair transplant surgeon or failure of the technique.

Why do hair transplants fail?

Hair restoration treatment by using outdated techniques such as mini grafts, hair plug-procedures, or scalp reductions. 

can leave a lasting impact on a person’s quality of life.

The following are some of the most prevalent reasons for hair transplant failure:

  • When a surgeon fails to execute the technique correctly due to lack of experience, it leads to asymmetrical or unnatural hairline.
  • Improper graft orientation can cause grafts to grow in unnatural orientations.
  • Uneven graft placement such as some grafts present in a cluster, but others are missing.

Another reason for hair transplant failure is when the hair follicles stop growing. There may be several incidents within this time:

  • Hair follicles die after being kept for a long time.
  • The grafts are not carefully handled, resulting in damage.
  • The grafts are placed at an incorrect length.

Improper hair transplant surgery can be mentally taxing, and correction is often necessary.

That’s why we are here to correct the appearance of poorly performed hair transplants involving poor techniques and bad planning.

What do we do at Dr A’s clinic?

We provide the most comprehensive and specialised corrective hair transplant surgery in Delhi at Dr A's clinic. We assist patients in repairing their failed head transplant surgery and recovering their confidence with the aid of our team of qualified experts.

The operation typically begins with a thorough examination of the patient to determine how much revision is needed. The botched head transplant surgery is then revised using a personalised approach.

A few techniques can improve scars in circumstances of scarring.

  • Scar revision procedures are provided at Dr A's clinic, including sophisticated scar revision techniques. With a trichophytic closure procedure, the experienced surgeon minimises the appearance of scars. This procedure is commonly used to repair scars from follicular unit transplantation that are extensive.
  • Micro-pigmentation, where a natural ink pigment is inserted into the scalp skin to create the illusion of a shaved head, can enhance where hair loss is unrecoverable or scars are extensive.
  • Extra hair grafts can be placed on top of the scars to mask scarring.
  • When a hairline is improperly designed in the first procedure, it is redesigned as a new hairline during revision surgery. During the repair of hair transplant surgery, the surgeon repairs an irregular hairline by removing surplus grafts or hair follicles. Then, adding more grafts creates a new shape for the hairline.
  • If the first hair transplant resulted in a loss of density, the second revision approach typically entails increasing density to rectify the concerns.
  • Radiofrequency or laser therapy can be used to correct hair growth irregularities.

Hair transplant repair surgery is a complex procedure that is much more difficult than the original hair transplant. In general, an appropriate diagnosis and detailed assessment of the failed hair transplant is necessary. Then measures to conceal the scars and repair the problem are required. For a hair transplant in Delhi, you must conduct thorough research and pick only the best clinic.

About Repair Hair Transplant in Delhi

Do you have a bad hair loss treatment experience? Looking for a Hair Transplant repair treatment in Delhi? Dr A's Clinic offers excellent service for it. If you have undergone the worst hair restoration procedures, you can contact us. Repair requires more creativity and experience than the original hair treatment, and that’s why we at Dr A's Clinic have highly creative, skilled and experienced surgeons who will successfully enhance your cosmetic appearance.

We help our patients regain their confidence by using the most advanced procedures and state-of-the-art equipment.

Dr A’s is highly renowned for providing the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi.

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