Hair Transplant In Gwalior: Cost, Procedure, And The Best Clinic To Get It

May 27, 2024

Hair transplant was performed in 1952 for the very first time and, since then, has become a lot more reliable with the advancement in technology and the discovery of new techniques. It is among those efficient procedures with high success rates and minimal complications if carried out under expert supervision.

Hair transplant can now solve numerous hair-related issues, including alopecia areata, pattern baldness, abnormal hair loss, and naturally thin hair. The procedure has an impressive overall success rate of 85 to 95%.

Dr. A's Clinic is the best center for getting hair transplants in Gwalior. Here, the doctors are highly skilled and always perform a thorough physical diagnosis to confirm the candidate's eligibility and determine which method best suits them.

We offer both FUT and FUSE/FUE hair transplant services. In FUSE (Follicular Unit Stitchless Extraction), the donor follicles are extracted individually after shaving the donor site. The follicles are then planted into the affected region one after the other. In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), small patches of the scalp containing the donor hair follicles are taken out by making slight incisions. Each patch is then further shortened into small grafts. The doctor then uses a thin needle to make tiny hole-like incisions using a thin needle in the affected region and implants the grafts there.

The dermatologist transplants the follicles in disarray instead of predetermined rows to make the result look more natural.

Hair Transplant Cost In Gwalior

The exact cost of the procedure varies depending on the hair transplant method, the number of follicles or grafts to be transplanted, the doctor's expertise, and the hospital you visit. The hair transplant cost in Gwalior may vary between 27,000 to 1 lakh INR.

Note that the FUE method usually costs more than FUT for transplanting the same number of hair follicles. This is because FUE requires more time and precision. Also, it is less invasive, has a lower downtime, and gives better results.

Why Choose Dr. A's Clinic For Hair Transplant In Gwalior?

At Dr. A's clinic, we provide you with a customized solution to every hair-related issue while keeping the result looking natural and stunning. And to do so, we always follow the best and most cost-effective approach.

Dr. A's Clinic is a trusted center for hair transplant and other hair treatment services. Our high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment ensures precise and personalized treatment for every patient.

Our founder, Dr. Arvind Poswal, is a renowned individual in the field of hair transplant. He is the inventor of the FUE hair transplant method, a stitchless and pain-free solution to hair loss. In 1999, he became the first person in the world to perform a body-to-scalp hair transplant, and in 2006, he performed the first beard-to-scalp hair transplant.

Due to the expert experience and the unparalleled quality of services we provide, Dr. A's clinic is even preferred by nationally recognized personalities for getting hair transplant in delhi.


Hair transplant procedures require very little downtime. For about six hours, you'd be asked not to touch the donor site that would be bandaged. Also, avoid washing your hair for up to one week and wear a loose-fitting hat when going out. Apart from a few other precautions, you can return to your daily schedule in only a few hours.
The hairs from the transplanted hair follicles fall off a few days after the procedure. However, as the transplanted site heals, the follicles get embedded into your scalp properly and allow new hair to grow. Thereon, you will experience natural hair fall. If you are still losing too much hair after the transplant, visit your dermatologist for a consultation.

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