July 23, 2024

FUE max

FUE Max is the safest & most effective hair transplant technique with focus on protecting, nourishing & safely transplanting hair roots with robust & healthy stem cells in the form of(PRP) to give a lifelong growth. To this we add our very own Resveratrol Serum and Fisetin to the slits to enrich the area where the new grafts would be implanted

Key features: (that distinguish FUE Max)

  1. Follicular unit extraction is done ONLY from the safe, permanent donor areas of the scalp & beard. We never take grafts from the unsafe/temporary areas of scalp. This ensures lifelong hair growth without need of any Finasteride or any harmful, long term medicines. Your transplanted hair will grow for life without any maintenance or medicines.
  2. FUE Max is the only technique where we can extract grafts from highly visible beard, cheek, chin areas without any visible "white dot" scarring.
  3. In FUE Max, top priority is given to safety of hair roots by ensuring
    • No root touch technique (Untouched roots healthy roots)
    • No harmful implanters used
    • Grafts are NOT pushed/pulled Grafts
    • Grafts are NOT pushed / pulled. Grafts slide into pre prepared slits ALL made by the artist doctor (No stick & place method used)
fue max

Stem cells of the grafts are protected and nourished during & after transplant to ensure best results.

To accomplish this, we ensure

  • Growth factors from plasma (PRP)
  • Resveratrol & Fisetin to prevent oxidative stress to stem cells during & after transplant.

We also combine it with Gene Biohacking Therapy to -

  • Protect remaining hair (No Finasteride/PRP required)
  • Strengthen the stem cells in transplanted grafts to ensure healthy, permanent hair.

All these steps ensure very NATURAL results & safest transplant of stem cell bearing grafts for the healthiest hair growth that keeps growing for life without need of any maintenance / finasteride administration.

The proof is in the results

See how natural the hairlines look

No visible white dot scarring on highly visible cheek/chin areas

Pamper your grafts, pamper your stem cells !


fue max
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