Patient Travel Guide

April 22, 2024

Before Travelling

Make hotel reservations and arrange for the hotel to pick you up from the airport.  visa information for hotel information.

Obtain a visa if required. A visa is required for US residents. Visas requirements vary with other countries. The airline will not let you on the flight to India if a visa is required. Click here for visa information.

Call your bank to authorize debit/check card transactions in India for the dates of your procedure. There are ATM machines about five blocks away that often have better exchange rates than the airport tellers offer. Also, bring enough cash just in case there is a problem with your debit/check card.

Print out contact information of the Clinic and Hotel you will be staying at.

Consider bringing a hat to cover your scalp after the procedure. This will help conceal and protect your scalp during the return flight home.

Arrival at New Delhi Airport

After leaving the aircraft, you will pass through customs. A customs official will look at your passport/visa and grant passage. Once through, pick up your luggage and consider making a small currency exchange for casual purchases. You may apply any unspent Rupees to the hotel balance due upon checkout.

After the currency exchange, you will walk though a “pickup” aisle where taxi drivers stand behind a rail and hold up signs with names of passengers to transport. If you have coordinated with your hotel for a pick up taxi, your name will be on one of these signs. Slowly walk down the aisle and look at each sign for your name. Once you have located your driver, acknowledge them and walk to the end of the aisle. The taxi driver will take your luggage to the taxi and drive you to the hotel. View the “Domestic Arrival” page of the official airport page for more info.

In the unlikely event a driver is not there to pick you up, contact the hotel or the Clinic for asisstance.

If you decide to find a taxi yourself, then make sure to use a Radio taxi or a pre paid taxi. Radio taxi booth is located on the left hand immediately after custom clearance. Pre paid taxi booth is located just outside the airport exit. Please do not hire a taxi directly or from touts.

At Hotel

Unpack and make yourself comfortable. Call room service for meals or anything you require. The hotel will keep a tally of the total bill for payment upon departure. If the total bill gets large, then a hotel staff may call for payment on a portion of the bill.

At the Clinic

Patients staying at a hotel close to the Clinic will be within short walking distance. If you cannot locate the Clinic, ask a hotel staff for directions or call the Clinic and a staff member will pick you up. Typically, most hotels listed on the site are right next door or a couple blocks away from the Clinic.

Departure from Hotel to Airport for Return Flight

Before Leaving Hotel

Try to print your boarding pass for the return flight. Security at the New Delhi airport is very tight and they will not let you in without a boarding pass. If you cannot print a boarding pass, it is ok. Simply ask an airport personnel, after reaching the airport, where your airline office is located and they will give directions (within walking distance). The airline offices are located outside of the airport and will print the boarding pass for you. Once printed, walk back to the main airport gate and the security officers will let you in.

Hotel Checkout

The hotel will tally up the total bill for payment. This may include the return taxi fee to the airport (please confirm this from the hotel). Once the bill is paid, the taxi will drive you to the airport.

Please note: Do not let anyone grab your luggage after getting out of the taxi at the airport. Some people may offer to “assist” you with carrying your luggage to the airport gate (a very short distance) and then ask for a tip afterwards. These are not airport personnel and are not dressed in airport security uniforms. Politely tell them you can carry your own bags. There are numerous security personnel at the airport to provide safety and directions.

Airport Security

As previously noted, security is very tight at the New Delhi airport. Expect to have carry-on luggage inspected 2-3 times during the check-in/boarding process. Liquids are not allowed on the flight, even if purchased at the airport. Besides the exceptions noted, airport procedures at New Delhi are similar to most international airports.

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