Scalp Hair Transplants (FUHT)

Achieve dense packing at 60-80 grafts/cm with a Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUHT). Our clinic can complete 4000+ strip sessions in a single day while maintaining strict quality standards. Surgical procedures are reviewed regularly to improve quality and efficiency.

Compared to the competition, we offer the best value in scalp hair transplantation. Read more about the effects of hairloss and effective treatment options we provide…

Quality of Life

People often make a snap-judgement when viewing someone for the first time. From this judgement, values such as age, health and compatibility are derived. Physical characteristics, such as hair, play a key role during this initial judgement. Hair density and hair line location are reliable benchmarks used to determine age. Hair restoration restores these benchmarks to bring back a youthful appearance and engender positive first impressions.

A youthful appearance is important on the job, at social gatherings, during interviews and while meeting new people. In addition, a youthful appearance increases self confidence. Hair restoration plays a key role in improving self confidence, reducing anxiety and increasing chances for success in social situations during everyday life.

Among men (and some women) hairloss is a worrysome issue. People have gone to extraordinary lengths to deal with their hair loss problems. Examples include hair pieces, shampoos, lotions, comb-over techniques and even spray-on hair. These products often lead to disappointing results. Moreover, they are temporary fixes for a problem that gets worse as time goes on.

Thanks to recent advances in hair transplant methods and techniques, Dr. A’s clinic offers the most effective solutions to restore a naturally youthful appearance. The dedicated team of professionals strive to achieve your personal goals and will assist you before, during and after the procedure.

Please view the Online Graft Estimator to get an estimated number of grafts needed. This will help during the initial consultation.

Factors Considered

Dr. A’s clinic places an intense focus on the artistic element. The transplanted hair must look natural with proper density and angling. The following factors are taken into account.

1. Donor hair availability and extent of hair loss. Please note: Body hairs are now an option to increase donor supply.

2. Hair characteristics (texture, curl, shaft diameter, color, etc). Coarse, curly hairs offer denser coverage than fine, straight hair.

3. Skin/hair color contrast (greater contrast requires more grafts for adequate coverage).

4. The location of hair loss. To achieve natural results, the hairline, temples and crown whorl require mostly 1 unit grafts. Because of this, graft number requirements for these areas are higher.

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