Hair Loss in Summer Months

Are you experiencing an increased hair fall in summer? Well, if yes, you are not alone! Many people go through the issue of seasonal hair loss. Although it is temporary, it can take a toll on your scalp health, degrading its quality.

In this article, you will get detailed insights into the reasons behind hair loss problems in summer and the best preventive measures to combat the issue. So, get to reading right away to learn more about hair loss in summer. However, you can also seek the medical guidance of Dr. A’s Clinic, the best hair clinic, for a better assessment of the health of your hair!

What are the reasons for hair loss in summer?

There are multiple reasons behind hair fall problems in the summertime. The following are the primary causes of hair fall in summer:

  1. Sun exposure

Over-exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can take a major toll on the health of your hair, leading to hair fall. During summertime, the intensity of the sun’s rays is at its peak; hence, when you go out, your scalp is sure to be exposed to the hot sun’s rays. The UV rays tend to seep into the hair follicles, depriving all moisture content and making them look lifeless and dull. The lack of moisture also results in making the hair strand fragile; hence, it can easily break off. In this way, exposure to the sun during the summer months for prolonged periods can result in increased hair loss.

  1. Overuse of air conditioners

The increased use of air conditioners during the summer months is one of the major causes of summer hair loss. To break it down for you, the natural moisture in your scalp reduces due to over-exposure to air conditioners. If you sit in an air-conditioned room for prolonged periods, it can result in the loss of moisture from your scalp and make your hair increasingly dehydrated. Such hair will look lifeless, healthy, and will turn frizzy in no time! Split ends in hair can develop as well. So, if you experience an increase in your hair fall during summer, sitting in the AC for hours can be a potential reason for it!

  1. Hormonal fluctuations

Hormonal fluctuations are common with seasonal changes. Although testosterone is a male hormone, it is highly responsible for the growth and development of hair both in men and women. During the summer months, the level of testosterone in the body tends to drop compared to the fall, winter, or spring seasons. The reduced amount of testosterone results in poor nourishment of the hair, thereby inducing summer hair loss female and males.

  1. Chlorine exposure

Pool time activity is one of the most popular things to do in summertime. The scorching summer heat makes everyone want to dive straight into the pool. However, everyone is not aware of the risks pool water poses for hair health. Pool water is enriched with numerous chemicals, especially chlorine, which is a big threat to the scalp. Exposure of the scalp to chlorinated pool water can greatly dry up the hair shaft, stripping off the sebum in it. Hair becomes dull, dry, and damaged. Thereby, it easily comes off the scalp. So, summer hair loss female and males can result from exposure to chlorinated pool water.

  1. Dandruff

Excessive accumulation of dandruff in the scalp is one of the major cause of hair fall in summer. Malassezia globosa are microbes responsible for developing dandruff in the scalp. The warm summertime temperature provides the ideal climate for these microbes to nurture on the scalp, thereby leading to more hair dandruff. Dandruff leads to itching and irritation in the scalp, promoting hair fall problems during summertime.

  1. Wet hair brushing

Wet hair brushing can also contribute to an increased hair fall in the summer months. Since the hair follicles tend to come off much more easily when wet, running your comb through wet hair can induce more hair loss. The hot scorching sun demands people to engage in fun water activities such as swimming, beach bathing, etc. As a result, their hair remains wet for prolonged periods. Brushing or pulling the hair in such situations can greatly contribute to hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss in summer? The best tips

Now, it’s time to learn about the measures to prevent hair loss especially in summer months. So, to bid goodbye to all your summertime hair loss problems, check the below-stated tips for the best results:

  1. Minimize heat styling

If you want to reduce summer hair fall, one of the most important things you will need to do is minimize heat styling. Since the hot temperature outside already results in the stripping of moisture from the hair shaft, applying hot styling tools can make it much drier. It will make the hair more prone to damage. So, if you want to keep your hair safe from shedding off, cut it out using heat styling tools on your hair during the summer season.

  1. Use proper hair protection in the sun

Not using proper sun protection for hair can lead to excessive hair shedding in summer. To retain the moisture of your scalp and keep it safe from the harmful UV sun rays, always use protection while going out in the daytime. You can carry a hat or scarf to keep your head safe. Using an umbrella is also recommended to prevent your hair from falling off. Also, you can wear a swimming cap in the pool to protect your scalp from chlorine exposure!

  1. Consume a healthy diet

The food you intake plays a major role in preserving the health of your hair during the hot months of the year. A proper healthy diet rich in protein and iron can greatly make your hair follicles thicker and stronger, thus preventing hair fall. You can add nuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds, dry fruits, milk, and meat to your diet to induce better hair health. Vitamin B12 is also essential for maintaining healthy hair. You can consume eggs since they are a good source of Vitamin B12. However, reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in your diet since they can hamper the health of your hair.

  1. Try deep-conditioning hair treatments

During summer, the outside temperature tends to strip off almost all the moisture content in the hair shaft, making it incredibly fragile. So, opting for a deep-conditioning treatment can greatly help you restore the lost moisture content in your hair, thereby reducing the risk of summertime hair loss. You can reach out to a certified hair clinic, Dr. A’s Clinic, to avail yourself of an advanced deep conditioning treatment. Here, you can avail yourself of the most effective catered hair conditioning treatments after a thorough assessment of the health of your hair. You can also try out homemade conditioning hair masks by using ingredients such as aloe vera, egg white, olive oil, honey, etc. A deep conditioning treatment will not only protect you from hair loss but also replenish it thoroughly.

Final words

This summer, you can keep your hair safe from falling efficiently by following the preventive measures stated in the article! Although summertime hair loss is completely seasonal and tends to go away, if you experience a vigorous amount of hair fall or persistent hair fall even after summer, you can reach out to Dr. A’s Clinic, an affiliated dermatology clinic, for better hair loss management. With an advanced infrastructure and a professional medical team, you can certainly get the best hair treatments at Dr. A’s Clinic.


  1. Is it normal to lose hair in summer?

A common reason behind hair loss in summer stands to be the excessive exposure of hair to the harmful UV sun rays. It results in the breaking of the hair shafts, thereby inducing hair fall. Also, the natural oils in the hair tend to dry up due to the summer heat, making hair fall off.

  1. How can I control my hair fall in summer?

Sun exposure,  exposure of the hair to chlorine pool water, scalp drying up, etc., are some of the common reasons for excessive hair shedding in summer. However, you can manage summer hair loss by following tips such as taking good care of your health, dry brushing, trying a deep conditioning treatment once every week, etc.

  1. Does AC increase hair fall?

Sitting in the AC in summertime can make the hair shaft increasingly dry and damaged, eliminating all the moisture from it. Lack of moisture in the hair shaft can severely make it fragile, thereby increasing the chances of hair loss. So, an increased hair loss during summer can be due to the overuse of the Air conditioner.

  1. What month of the year does hair fall the most?

During the summer months, April to May, the environment tends to get a lot hotter and drier, leading to more hair fall. Also, it continues into the fall season, which is the months of September and October. However, some people can even have hair loss throughout winter due to low production of vitamin D.

  1. Which season is best for hair growth?

Though hair fall peaks during the summer months, the maximum hair growth has been recorded in March, April, and May. In the summer months, blood circulation is more efficient. Hence, all the accumulated nutrients are distributed evenly throughout the body, thereby boosting the scalp’s health by producing more keratin.

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