GFC Hair Treatment Cost In India

In the modern world, taking care of yourself has become a necessity. Physical attributions play a significant role in determining confidence and esteem. In recent decades, hair fall and thinning have become a major problem troubling countless people. To handle this, the famous hair transplant surgeon in Delhi Dr. Arvind Poswal, has come up with a variety of solutions and treatments. One such therapy that employs modern expertise is GFC treatment. This post encompasses detailed information on the meaning, process, and GFC hair treatment cost in India.

GFC Treatment: Brief Overview and Process

Growth Factor Concentration is a process for the natural regrowth of hair. This is a painless, efficient, and non-surgical process where patients with hair issues are treated. Individuals suffering from pattern baldness, hair thinning, and hair loss are exposed to this technique to regrow their hair. GFC treatment is ideal for men and women alike and is one of the most emerging hair growth therapies.

In this method, the growth factors from the patient’s blood are employed to restore the health of his or her hair. At Dr. A’s Clinic, certain growth factors are collected from the blood after thorough testing. The doctor then injects the health growth factors onto the patient’s scalp over the area affected by hair loss. These growth factors naturally influence hair loss and thinning reversal. They promote restoration by improving blood supply, hair follicle health, and thickening hair density. The GFC hair treatment cost varies for each individual. The growth factors employed for rejuvenating hair in this therapy are:

  • Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)
  • Epidermal growth factor (EGF)
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)
  • Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

Opt for this treatment if you’re worried about hair issues. Be it due to genetic history, medical conditions, or excessive shedding, this treatment is perfect.  Based on your overall health and the customized treatment provided, the GFC hair treatment price may vary.

Costs and Expenses of GFC Therapy in India

GFC therapy is available all over different locations in India. The average cost ranges anywhere between INR 20,000 to INR 1,00,000 per session. However, the exact GFC hair treatment cost in India varies depending on the number of sessions needed, which, in turn, depends on the extent of hair loss. Other components that directly or indirectly affect the cost include geographical location, number of sessions, customizations provided, the experience of the professionals, etc. Some clinics import GFC kits from abroad. This might add to the expenses needed for this therapy. Additionally, specific clinics charge different rates depending on the discounts and offers.

  • GFC Treatment Price Based on the Number of Sessions

The number of sessions you attend during the entire treatment process will influence the cost. In general, the GFC treatment price is around the approximate values listed in the table below:

No. of sessions Minimum Estimated cost in INR Maximum Estimated Cost in INR
1 8,000 12,000
3 20,000 30,000
5 35,000 54,000
7 54,000 75,000
10 1,11,000 1,30,000
  • GFC Treatment Price Based on the Number of Grafts

In addition to this, the number of hair grafts needed in GFC treatment also influences the total cost. Listed below are average price ranges in comparison to the number of grafts for this therapy.

Number of grafts Minimum cost in INR  Maximum cost in INR
1000 30,000 40,000
1500 40,000 52,000
2000 55,000 70,000

General Factors Influencing GFC Treatment Costs

Various factors amount to the expenses required in this therapy. Depending on the entire process, GFC hair treatment cost can be estimated. So, when considering this therapy, check out the various factors that determine the price. Some of the factors that determine the expenses are described below:

  • Geographical Location

The primary parameter that determines the cost is the location of the clinic. If the medical center is located in a city or metropolitan area, the prices charged may be high. Likewise, if the area surrounding the clinic has a high cost of living, the service charges will be high. Additionally, each state may have variations in service fees due to geographical factors.

  • Intensity of hair loss

Hair loss may result from genetics or medical conditions. The amount charged for the therapy involves the extremity of hair loss. If the hair thinning or shedding is beyond control, the fee charged will likely be high. Additionally, certain medical conditions that cause hair fall need to be carefully dealt with during the process. This may also affect the costs.

  • Professional Expertise

If the professional is exceptionally qualified and has immense skills, he or she will charge higher fees. This is because the more experience, the greater the guarantee of an effective treatment. So, the fee charged may be high. Dr. Arvind Poswal, with his 25+ years of experience, is exceptionally skilled at GFC hair treatments. If you’re dealing with excessive hair fall issues, you can consult Dr. Arvind for top-notch treatments.

  • Duration of treatment

GFC hair treatment price will also be influenced by the number of sessions the patient requires. For optimal experience and satisfactory results, more than one session is recommended by professionals. This determines how long you have to receive the therapy and, therefore, affects the cost.

  • Technology employed

Some clinics around India make use of the highest technology like autologous GFC for this treatment. These techniques require equipment like a centrifuge machine and GFC kit, whose costs are generally higher. Various methods are also used during this therapy, like giving anesthetic injections or creams. This adds to the price of treatment.

  • Customizations and services provided

Tailored to the requirements of the patient, various customizations are provided. This involves pre- and post-treatment services. For instance, patients dealing with alopecia require more detailed inspection and care. This may, in turn, raise the expense of overall therapy.

  • Reputation of the Clinic

Another important parameter to determine the GFC treatment for hair cost is how reputed a clinic is. The more value and customer trust a clinic has, the higher its service charges will be. Likewise, how long the clinic has been operating in the hair transplant sector also influences the cost. Standing prominent, Dr. A’s Clinic has been renowned in Delhi for its hair transplant and treatment technologies since 1997.

  • Other factors

Most professionals and clinics offer discounts, package deals, and seasonal offers. Such factors affect the fees involved. Some hair transplant surgeons provide trial deals for patients. This is to let the patients see whether they should opt for GFC therapy or not. These trials may be relatively cheaper compared to regular sessions.

Sessions Required for Successful GFC Treatment

GFC therapy has a wide range of benefits compared to the old, conventional treatments. Not only is it painless, but it is also comfortable and safe. Moreover, countless individuals have benefitted from this therapy for their hair growth. Typically, to get optimal and effective results, you are required to have regular sessions. The number of sessions you have to attend will depend upon different parameters. For instance, the severity of hair loss and the health of your hair. Similarly, some medical conditions that cause hair fall need more time for the treatment to work than others.

The number of sessions and duration involved will influence the GFC treatment for hair cost. So, it’s important to note how long it takes for the therapy to show effective results. Typically, the GFC method needs 3-4 sessions on average for visible results. In some individuals, the hair follicles may need extra care. For this, booster doses are given to rejuvenate the overall health of the hair. This may add post-treatment sessions. Furthermore, medical specialists may recommend additional maintenance sessions to keep the strength and density of grafts and further revitalize them.

Thus, there are different parameters affecting the cost of GFC therapy. Which factor adds to the total cost of treatment depends on the individual battling hair loss. While numerous services are available around India, Dr. A’s Clinic is best when it comes to GFC treatment cost and excellent service. With over 2+ decades of expertise, Dr. Arvind Poswal is a reputed hair transplant doctor. He is known all over Delhi for his success rates when it comes to hair treatment and transplant therapies.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How much does GFC treatment cost in India?

The average cost of GFC treatment is between INR 20,000 – INR 1 lakh. The average cost per 1000 hair grafts is around INR 30,000 to INR 40,000. However, the exact GFC treatment price depends on various factors. This includes the extremity of hair loss, number of sessions, customized services, clinic location, and more.

  1. How many sessions of GFC are required?

For ideal results, experts recommend an average of 3 to 5 sessions per individual. However, the sessions may increase or decrease based on the health condition of the patient, booster doses required, skillfulness of the doctors, etc. Based on this the GFC treatment cost will also change.

  1. Is GFC treatment worth it?

Compared to other methods, GFC treatment is safe and painless. It can effectively help both men and women ages 60 or below. Besides, this therapy is non-invasive and requires nominal time to show progress.

  1. Does GFC regrow new hair?

GFC strengthens hair follicles and restores healthy hair. It deals with thinning and shedding by growing new hair. The density, thickness, and count of hair supposedly improve with this treatment. However, some factors may determine how quickly you can regrow your hair.

  1. How long do GFC results last?

On average, this therapy lasts anywhere from six months to two years. This differs from person to person. If the cause of hair loss was due to national deficiency or stress, the results of GFC therapy may be permanent. With proper maintenance sessions, lifestyle, and diet the longevity of the results can be extended.

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