how long does hair take to grow after hair transplantation

Everyone nowadays is increasingly concerned with their own personal appearance, which includes their skin and hair. Many people suffer from hair loss and are concerned about baldness as a result of their unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, the number of people opting for hair transplants continues to rise. You may be asking, as others have, whether hair will grow following a transplant. Don’t worry, Dr. A’s Clinic (Best Hair Transplant in Delhi ) is here to help you with any hair transplant questions you may have.

After a hair transplant, how long does it take for hair to grow?

After two weeks, transplant

According to the most reputable hair transplant clinic in Delhi, the patient will experience hair loss during this time which is a natural part of development that is known to cause anxiety and panic. The separation of the only structure of the hair with an important portion, the root follicle, is expected at this time, and it is crucial to note that the separation of the only structure of the hair with an important component, the root follicle, is intact and safe.

Shedding will result in the formation of a new hair structure, which is always healthier. There will be no additional significant changes between two weeks and a month.

Hair regrowth four months after hair transplantation

The lost hair begins to regrow, but because it is weak and unable to penetrate the scalp, it causes folliculitis, a skin ailment. If the suffering is too much for you to take, you can go to your Clinic for immediate treatment. Folliculitis is sometimes mistaken for infection by certain patients. However, If it is an infection, it will be followed by additional signs of inflammation that will develop with time. On the other hand, Folliculitis and its symptoms improve within 10 days.

After a hair transplant, hair growth takes 4 to 8 months

Hair begins to develop at a higher density between the ages of four and eight months. The hair structure will continue to improve in terms of pigmentation and strength, even if some hair is not colored and seems brittle.

What is the average rate of hair growth?

Hair growth became more evident after eight months, and the pace of growth also increased. In a year, the hair will not alter dramatically. The final result of the operation will be visible at that point. Minor modifications can take months to complete.

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