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During the 4 to 6 hour operation, there is no cutting, scarring, pain, or stitches, which makes our technique unique. Dr. A’s Clinic provides a painless and scar-free hair transplantation service in Delhi.

Hair loss is a big issue that both men and women experience at some point in their lives. Androgenetic alopecia is the most frequent kind, which is genetically determined. Nutritional, hormonal, environmental, and other factors can also have a role. The action of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the active form of the hormone testosterone, on the receptors present in the hair follicles causes balding in androgenetic alopecia.

Hair Transplantation Principles

The notion of ‘Donor Dominance’ is used in hair transplant surgery. Even in a guy with severe hair loss, hair on the back and sides of the scalp continues to grow throughout his life. The hormonal influence has little effect on this hair. Hair that has been transplanted to the bald area grows normally and can be washed, trimmed, and styled as desired. According to the best hair transplant in Delhi, Most patients will need 4,000 – 5,000 or more grafts from this donor hair transplant-banner, which can be done in one or more sessions. As the person ages and balding advances, further hair transplant sessions may be required.

Though the exact pattern of hair loss is impossible to anticipate, it’s crucial to keep in mind that more hair loss is almost certain. Medical therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), laser hair stimulation, and hair transplantation can all be used to treat hair loss (FUE, Body Hair transplant). Medical hair loss treatment can assist to minimize hair loss, but the overall improvement is minimal.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In the FUE process, follicular units are extracted one by one from the back of the scalp using micro-punches of 0.8 and 1.0 mm diameter. Stitches are not required because the donor area heals in a few days without leaving a noticeable scar. Post-operative pain is minimal, and most of our patients are back to their normal routines in no more than two days.

Advanced Fue (Bio-Stimulated Fue)

This procedure combines FUE hair transplantation with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP), which improves both residual and transplanted hairs by injecting high concentrations of growth factors right to the hair roots, stimulating STEM CELLS. These growth factors are derived from the blood of the patient. The hair follicles to be transplanted are kept in a specific solution enhanced with the patient’s own growth factors, and this concentrated solution of growth factors is injected into the entire affected area at the conclusion of the operation.

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