myths and facts about hair transplants

When a person starts losing hair, there can be a lot of reasons behind it. They might be stressed or have medical conditions like alopecia or thyroid. No matter the cause, one would look for solutions that can help them with long-term benefits.

A hair transplant is a prevalent treatment that can help with excessive hair loss or baldness. It is a safe method to regrow lost hair at any given stage.

However, as a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, people have many concerns about it. It has given rise to many discussions around the topic. Some of them hold the truth, but most of the talks are myths and are based only on assumptions.

So, this article will help you clear your doubts about getting a hair transplant procedure done.

7 Common Myths and Facts About Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is considered to be a big step. But as there are numerous myths about it, many people hesitate to go for it.

So, below, we have enlisted 7 myths people have developed about hair transplants, along with the respective facts.

It Is Expensive

It is a common myth that a hair transplant is expensive and only meant for rich people. As it involves getting the lost hair back, people assume it to be costly. But this is not true.

There are many cost-effective procedures you can undergo for a hair transplant. The expense of a hair transplant surgery is relatively affordable. Usually, it does not exceed $18000. However, the cost will be much less if you undergo the transplant during the early stages.

You might have to incur even less if you are in a location where the charges for a hair transplant are comparatively lower.

It is Painful

Many people think the hair transplant procedure, including skin grafting, will be painful during and even after the surgery. But let us tell you that the procedure is not as painful as you think.

The grafting procedure is done after anesthesia is administered to the body. Also, once the surgery is complete, you will not feel any significant pain. The doctor will discharge you only after a couple of hours of the transplant.

It is Only Suitable for Men

Men might seem to be the best candidate to get hair transplants done. However, this holds no truth.

Gender does not matter when a person is facing excessive hair loss. All can equally take advantage of hair transplants.

The procedure and other aspects remain the same irrespective of whether the transplant is done on men or women.

The Results are Temporary

People often think that the results of a hair transplant are temporary and will last only a few years.

But a hair transplant is one of the permanent procedures you can avail yourself of to eliminate hair loss problems. Since healthy skin cells are grafted for hair development on the bald spot, the new hair that grows is also healthy, and the effects are long-term.

Only Young People Should Get Hair Transplants

It is another common myth that a hair transplant is only suited for people who are still young. But, in reality, age does not have any impact on determining the suitability of the procedure.

This transplant is a surgical procedure for people who need or want it based on their existing hair condition, irrespective of age.

Contrary to popular belief, hair transplants can be done better on people of older age as it is easier to understand their pattern of hair loss.

Hair Transplant Can Affect Your Brain

It is usually believed that as the grafting work in a hair transplant surgery is performed close to the skull, there is a plausible reason for it might affect the brain.

But the truth is that a hair transplant has nothing to do with your brain. A very small incision is made on the skin while the procedure is executed, so it can certainly not affect your brain in any way.

Also, the patient is given anesthesia before the procedure starts. The anesthesia is administered just at the skull surface; hence, it has no impact on the brain whatsoever.

You Can See Immediate Results With Hair Transplant

Since people invest quite some money into the procedure, they might be under the impression that the results will be prominent within a few days.

But the fact is that a hair transplant does not end with just grafting. There is so much more to the transplant than just the procedure.

The actual process starts when the grafting ends and the recovery begins. This is when the grafted hair follicle will start working, and new hair will begin growing.

Thus, it is a process whose outcomes depend on how fast your hair grows. Getting immediate results with a hair transplant is nearly impossible.


A hair transplant is a popular procedure that has been helping a lot of people with hair problems. It not only gives a patient their hair back but also the lost confidence.

But as it is a procedure that promises such good results, it is natural to have doubts concerning the whole thing. It becomes worse when so many rumors go around, which can be too distracting for a person willing to get the transplant done.

Thus, it is good to get the facts right and opt for a consultation from an experienced doctor before finalizing on getting the hair transplant.

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