• Jan 09, 2023

Scalp micro pigmentation treatment is gaining popularity among hair patients. The treatment's affordability, seamless procedure, and quality result give it credibility. The guaranteed results and advanced techniques often raise the question of cost among patients. even though the treatment is affordable than other hair fall treatments. Some factors affect its price.

In the procedure, skilled practitioners manually implant thousands of pigments with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Treatment costs can vary from person to person as per the resources consumed in the procedure. India is continuously making technological advancements in the medical industry, which has reduced its prices in the past few years. Let's discuss how much the procedure costs and how.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation?

The treatment cost varies based on many factors. The treatment area, skin type, hair density, scar area, and personal health significantly affect the scalp micropigmentation process. The cost may rise or fall with each modification. Let's discuss these factors and how they affect the pricing of the procedure.

  • Skin condition

It is a crucial factor affecting the treatment procedure. Every skin type requires individualized care and adjustments. Flaky, dry, older skin; severe acne; moles; damaged skin; or sensitive skin necessitate extra time and resources. It becomes much more difficult to implant new pigments while taking care of these aspects during the procedure.

Any haste in treating vulnerable skin can cause severe damage. The practitioner always keeps it in mind and takes appropriate measures to deal with various skin types. The adjustments, in some cases, are costlier than others. 

Thus, it requires more time and attention, affecting the cost of the treatment. Thick skin necessitates extra effort to penetrate deep layers of skin and implant pigment deep within. Moreover, thin skin can also raise treatment prices as it takes more time and precision for implantation without damaging the skin.

  • Area of Treatment

For sure, the area of treatment affects the pricing, as it affects the whole treatment procedure. The price of micropigmentation depends on the region of hair loss and the extent of hair loss. The extent of hair loss damages skin fertility and makes it difficult to implant in later stages.

The treatment will cost less in the early stages of balding than it might cost with further hair loss. The area of treatment spreads wider with every stage, thus requiring more efforts and resources to counter the situation. Also, the precision and timing of the following treatment vary with different skin types.

There are seven hair loss stages, and the cost of the procedure increases with each step. The stages of hair loss are discussed in detail below, along with their appearance specifications.

Hair Fall Stages

effect on the appearance

Stage 1

There is no hair loss at this stage

Stage 2

Hair starts thinning from the forehead in an M shape, and temple hair loss

Stage 3

The M-shape starts to appear, the first visible stage of baldness

Stage 4

Drastic hair falls from the sides, and bald islands start appearing from the back

Stage 5

The layer of hair between the front and back hair starts getting thinner

Stage 6

The two bald areas merge into one

Stage 7

In the last stage, the hair on the back and sides remains to form a horseshoe shape

Hair fall is curable in the first three stages. From the fourth stage on, scalp micro pigmentation becomes a viable option. Early-stage treatment requires fewer resources.

  • Hair Style and Density

The natural thickness and density of hairs also affect the implantation process. The micropigmentation process uses the body's natural mechanisms to implant and grow new hair in the dried-out region. Thus, to regain the original hair state, it's crucial to analyse the pre-hair conditions. The implants must be in the correct density order for a person's natural hair state.

A person with more hair density will require more pigments, time, and resources to implant them properly. The style you choose also dictates the time and effort needed in the process. Furthermore, custom hairstyles that match the original hair may raise the price of micropigmentation.

  • Scars


Doctors use scalp micropigmentation as a treatment to mitigate the scars on the head. The scars are regions of dead tissues that are different from the lively cells on the skin. The pigmentation process usually sows pigment in the skin and lets the body do its work. but not in the area of the scar.

The micropigmentation process mimics natural growth by sowing custom-made implants. A scar is damaged tissue that does not adhere to natural hair growth. Direct implantation is not feasible in this case. The procedure to cover a scare needs extra accommodations in the process. Patients with head scars should expect to pay a higher procedure fee.

What is the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment in Delhi?

As discussed earlier, the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment can vary with every customer. Specialists determine the actual cost by evaluating every aspect of the treatment. The number of pigments or implants determines the cost of micropigmentation.

India has grown a lot in SMP treatment and has affordable treatments in big cities like Delhi. In general, a normal hair implant session can cost you anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 INR in Delhi. Extra service or extensive hair fall treatment may cost more than the given charges.

The level of expertise and the extent of the procedure are the key aspects that determine the cost of the procedure. An experienced practitioner can charge a viable price for good and quality results. Booking a group session can give you access to discounted season prices.


Scalp micropigmentation is a reliable treatment for permanent hair loss. It's more affordable and convenient, and it gives a person their natural hair back. The procedure offers enhanced hair density and guarantees results. SMP is a gift of technological advancement in the field of healthcare. Its non-invasive process and faster results make it one of the most convenient hair fall treatments available today.

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