Why Dr. A's Clinic

Best Value

Why does Dr. A's clinic charge less for high quality hair transplants when compared to other leading clinics worldwide?

High Quality + Low Cost = Best Value

Dr. A’s Clinic provides superior value compared to the competition. The quality of our hair grafts equal (and often exceed) leading clinics worldwide. While quality is comparable, our prices are significantly lower compared to the competition.

Reasons why Dr. A’s Clinic provides the best value

  • Positive word-of-mouth recommendations from patients
  • Most of our business comes from patient recommendations. The results speak for themselves, especially to balding friends and relatives.
  • Very low advertising budget. Savings flow through to patients.
  • Staff hyper-specialization on specific subsets rather than the entire procedure
  • Low overhead
  • All facilities in one building, no separate branches to maintain
  • Consultations via internet (lower real estate costs, improved time-utilization)
  • Comprehensive periodic reviews
  • Procedural improvements to maximize efficiency
  • Reducing non-value added costs

Dr. A’s Clinic proudly provides our patients

  • Experienced staff
  • High quality equipment
  • Latest methods and technology
  • Superb results

Other Considerations

Dr. A’s Clinic personalizes every patient’s hair restoration experience

  • Professional relationships last long after the procedure is finished.
  • We take personal accountability in satisfying patient expectations.
  • We have a passion for hair grafting. Our satisfied patients make this a rewarding profession.
    We have no minimum hair graft requirements. Some clinics primarily interested in financial gain will only accept patients with large graft requirements.
  • We believe patient satisfaction should come before financial reward.

Open source information

  • Dr. A’s Clinic believes in sharing the latest technology with doctors all over the world. This site provides a network for doctors to share information.
  • Our goal is to improve hair restoration results for all patients, not only our own.
  • We would prefer to instruct doctors on how to improve their techniques rather than setup a multi-national hair transplant corporation.

Collective experience vs. individual experience

Some clinics advertise 100+ years of collective experience. This advertisement is misleading. An individual surgeon’s experience is more important than a group’s collective experience. Put it this way, how valuable is group experience if none of the experienced staff are operating on you?

Whatever clinic you choose, always ask about the individual experience of each staff member scheduled to operate on you. If their experience is limited, ask about the experience of the supervising trainer. Please note: 10 surgeons each possessing one year of experience will not deliver the quality of one surgeon with 5-10 years of experience.

At Dr. A’s Clinic, surgeons hyper-specialize in specific subsets. This ensures a highly qualified surgeon is completing every step with absolute attention to quality.

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