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April 22, 2024

Are you facing hair loss problems? Or Is your scalp getting bald due to hair falling out of the follicles? Follicular Unit Extraction FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi is totally a proven method. It is an invasive hair growth procedure in which follicular unit grafts, which are made up of a small number of hair follicles, are individually removed or taken from genetically stronger areas of your scalp, also known as "donor" areas, and then medically restored to the area of your scalp undergoing the hair loss. It is a common hair transplant procedure in which individual follicular units or grafts are removed rather than the full strip. Dr. A's Clinic is well-equipped to provide the best FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi. This procedure is beneficial if you have short hair and don't want the scar to be visible on your head.

With years of experience in hair loss treatment, technically advanced procedures and well-modified instruments, we are well updated with the advanced trends and techniques to provide proficient service to our clients. Proving our expertise, we are focused to offer you our advanced treatments and solutions that give refined results. We are a team of expert professionals. We ensure to offer unparalleled and promising results to all our clients which will improve their appearance and make them confident when it comes to their hair related issues. Our doctors make use of superior quality instruments to extract hair grafts from the donor area individually during the process, taking intense care of safety measures. FUE hair transplant procedure is outright the better choice for people who do not want noticeable or prominent scars on their scalp or on or around the donor area. 

The FUE hair transplant technique is the most trusted, safe, affordable and effective hair transplant technique. It helps you to get back your lost hair and make you look young and confident again.

The advantages of FUE hair transplant in Delhi include:

  • It is pain-free and minimally invasive.
  • There is hardly any visible scarring, even if there is short hair.
  • Grey, white and body hair can be transplanted only with this procedure.
  • There is no tightness or numbness in the scalp.
  • It is a natural and permanent solution to hair loss.
  • It provides a very fast recovery with freedom of hairstyling in any possible way.

Cost, Recovery, And Treatment Notes Of FUE Hair Transplant In Delhi 

We are well known to carry out the best hair transplant procedures. Our ability and experience speak volumes. We are aimed to provide the true value of your money that’s why we are intrinsically involved in offering the best FUE Hair Transplant Treatment in Delhi at the most decent cost with the best results. You can trust us for comfortable and painless surgery. We use specifically designed titanium punches, latest technology, and advanced machines for the extraction of follicular unit grafts. Know our FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi and experience the most natural way to grow hair on your bald head scalp. So, no need to think more and quickly connect with us to avail of our amazing range of hair solutions and treatments. Most people recover from the pain caused, if any, in a few days after surgery. It's normal for the transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure. This actually makes way for new hair growth. Most people will see noticeable hair growth 8 to 12 months after surgery.

Why choose Dr. A’s clinic for FUE Hair Transplant in India?

Dr. A’s clinic provides the best hair transplant procedures in India. We are dedicated to offering you the most trusted, effective, safe, and affordable hair transplant FUE technique with excellent results and pocket-friendly FUE hair transplant cost in India. Our clinic is well equipped with modern technology and instruments which are in the hands of the most experienced expert professionals with high standards of clinical excellence. We keep ourselves updated with the advanced trends and assure you to provide outstanding results in a comfortable environment, maintaining high standards of infection control and a hassle-free process.

What Are the Factors Affecting the FUE Hair Transplant Cost in India?

The FUE hair transplant cost in India will be customized for each one, and several factors are responsible for it:

  • Area to be transplanted: The greater the area needed to be transplanted, the more expensive it will be.
  • The number of grafts required: The more the number of grafts needed, the more will be the cost.
  • The surgeon’s credentials: The more experienced and better-qualified surgeon will charge a little more.
  • The number of transplant sessions: As each session has a cost, so, depending on the number of sessions, the total cost will add up.
  • Condition of your scalp: Depending on the response of your scalp to the given treatment, the duration of treatment might vary, and so will be the cost.
  • Technique for FUE transplant: The FUE technique will be costlier than the conventional one and more precise and accurate.

What is the average cost of FUE hair transplants in India?

On average, the FUE hair transplant cost in India ranges from:

Conventional FUE: 15-50 INR per graft.

FUE: 65-100 INR per graft.

What is the FUE hair transplant cost in India?

The FUE hair transplant cost in India varies across different regions and cities, but depends on various factors which decide the exact cost:

  • Extent of baldness: The more the bald area, the more difficult and effort taking will be to extract hair and transplant, hence more the cost.
  • Number of grafts required: The greater the number of grafts, the greater will be the cost.
  • Number of sessions: The more the sessions, the cost will increase accordingly.
  • Experience and qualification of the surgeon: The better qualified and experienced doctor will be slightly costlier, but essential for providing the best results.
  • Technique used for transplant: The latest techniques like automated and FUE will be expensive as compared to the conventional FUE techniques.

The FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi at Dr A’s Clinic is very transparent with no hidden costs and a variety of packages are available as per your choice and requirements. The expense will be reasonable, and the quality of services and the exceptionally superior results which you will receive at Dr A’s Clinic will always make you feel, the hair transplant, a great investment.

The FUE hair transplant cost in India is highly individualised. Mostly the cost varies based on the extent of treatment required and the type of hair loss conditions. 

The hair follicles or grafts have a cost attached to them. On average, a single graft can cost anywhere around 25-30 INR. In cases where extensive testament is required; more grafts would be needed, increasing the final cost. 

Learn more about FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi

The FUE hair transplant in Delhi is an advanced procedure that produces unparalleled results. At Dr A’s clinic, the FUE hair transplant is done extremely efficiently and at the most affordable cost. With Dr A’s expertise, rest assured to walk with your best hair and greater confidence.

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